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Your Opinions On Spanking Kids 2014-03-31
This is just to get an opinion on what you think about spanking kids.
Punishment For Child Pornography 2006-03-17
What should the punishment for anyone who has been caught with child porn be? (if a punishment sh...
The year 2100 2006-12-02
This is a poll about current and upcoming problems Earth faces and what it may be like in the yea...
Muscles & Body Hair (Men) 2007-12-30
Let us know about your body and how you feel about it.
guys,do you find wrestling other guys sexy? 2009-09-26
hi, i often wrestle other women and i find it very sexy when i win and dominate my opponant, ive ...
Imaginary Boarding School 2014-03-31
This is for making an imaginary boarding school for boys 8-14 years old (3-8 grades). The school ...
Guys and necklaces 2003-06-10
Almost every guy wears a necklace now. Lets find out what are the most popular kinds. (GUYS ONLY).
Teen Girls driving barefoot 2003-07-10
For females - beer pong distractions 2016-06-08 (closed)
Beer pong is a popular party game played in pairs - often 2 females against 2 males. The rules al...
choose my wedgie 2010-03-23
no public or messy
Who's Stronger? Girls or Guys? 2007-09-15
There have been tons of polls here about girls maybe being stronger than guys. I want to see if t...
Men Men And More ( Men Only ) 2007-12-10 (closed)
Men Men And More ( Men Only )
Spankings Dads with boys 2015-07-22
Hi Dads I'm looking to find men who believe spanking boys and raising them with harsh discipline ...
One Shoe in Public 2003-09-03
If you've ever gone with one shoe in public please take this poll.
Have you ever been hit in the stomach? 2004-04-19
This poll is to find out who has been hit in the stomach, by what, and how badly it hurt.
Quiznos vs. Subway 2004-02-11
what is your favorite place
Swimming (Girls only) 2008-11-04
Swimming (Girls only)
being handcuffed for minor traffic violation 2004-09-28
Recently, I had a minor traffic accident. The state police were called to the scene. This acciden...
bedwetting 2011-02-14
where you ever a bedwetter
Airport Security and Kids 2008-09-14
I am interested in finding experiences of parents as to how their kids responded to airport secur...
Things You've Done Nude 2010-07-28
Things You've Done Nude
pullups and diapers 2011-10-18
pullups and diapers
Height and puberty poll 2004-01-30
I am wondering about what people's perception of the perfect height is. I am 19 and just under 6'...
Bad Baby Names 2004! 2004-11-30
Welcome to the BAD BABY NAMES 2004 poll! Each of the following are from my site, zenbadbabynames....
Beat by a Girl 2010-02-04
For males or females: have you ever been (or seen someone else) beaten up, overpowered, pushed ar...