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Which do you like more - Skirts or Dresses? 2007-12-03
OK, Skirts have been in style forever, but dresses are coming back - Which do you prefer?
Lost a bet for Halloween ( girls only ) 2010-08-25
I lost a bet with a girl who is a friend of mine, the winner would be able to choose the Hallowee...
Female Teen Checkup 2008-12-21
Female Teen Checkup
underwear when u sleep (males only) 2008-09-24
underwear when u sleep (males only)
Your Opinions On Spanking Kids 2014-03-31
This is just to get an opinion on what you think about spanking kids.
AXE VS RGX VS Tag Body Spray 2008-01-21
Which is the better body Spray?
Imaginary Boarding School 2014-03-31
This is for making an imaginary boarding school for boys 8-14 years old (3-8 grades). The school ...
How do you feel about social nudity? 2008-03-30 (closed)
How do you feel about social nudity?
Parking Lot Peeing 2010-02-04
Peeing emergency in parking lot. Sometimes people are caught short and I am interested who (age ...
What if you could hypnotize 2006-04-13
WHAT IF you could hypnotize people answer for every person
Deep Questions! 2003-11-11
i have some deep questions here that need to be answered. there the questions that you think abou...
charity fundraising 2005-04-02
What would you do
Punishment For Child Pornography 2006-03-17
What should the punishment for anyone who has been caught with child porn be? (if a punishment sh...
Favorite month of the year/day of the week 2005-03-20
This is a very, very, basic poll. However, it's not yet on the site, so here we go!
Getting a massage 2006-05-26
Just a little poll about what you like about or would like in a massage
Teen Boy ABS 2008-07-22
who is the superior gender? 2002-12-16
who is superior, female or male ?
Men's Survey 2005-01-25
All the burning questions in one convenient poll! All questions contain three possible answers, ...
sagging pants 2009-06-17
I want to see how guys like to sag their pants.
Are you a college student and still spanked? 2014-04-28
Poll to get statistics on college students who still receive corporal punishment (spankings) from...
Teenage Girls' Muscular Legs 2003-06-30
This is to find out about athletic habits of Teenage Girls.
Vote for your best japanese auto-maker from the top 5 companies.
Watersports and Bedwetting 2014-08-13
For anybody who likes to pee and who still likes to wet the bed
Friends tickling your feet (Male Only) 2007-07-22
Just curiose how your friend tickles your feet
guys,do you find wrestling other guys sexy? 2009-09-26
hi, i often wrestle other women and i find it very sexy when i win and dominate my opponant, ive ...