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Why girls win? 2004-02-14
I have seen so many polls on misterpoll about boys and girls strength like "boys vs girls wr...
Underwear Poll For Guys 2009-01-17
What kind of underwear are guys wearing nowadays? Just for fun, let's see what's most common and...
in the garden 2015-03-30
pee situations in the garden. for this poll, you have a large, secluded garden
sagging pants 2005-11-03
Hey, im new here and i LOVE to sag...usually below the butt and with boxers that completely contr...
Physical Exam For Girls 2010-07-05
What happened at your physical?
Female Celeb Bedroom Wrestling 2005-12-24
Who do you think would win each of these match-ups? Rules are wrestle on a bed in bra & undie...
Which do you like more - Skirts or Dresses? 2007-12-03
OK, Skirts have been in style forever, but dresses are coming back - Which do you prefer?
Lost a bet for Halloween ( girls only ) 2010-08-25
I lost a bet with a girl who is a friend of mine, the winner would be able to choose the Hallowee...
Trainer/Sneaker/Plimsoll Fashion! 2007-04-21
I love all kinds of shoes but am particularly liking the current trend in old skool trainers/snea...
Men's Survey 2005-01-25
All the burning questions in one convenient poll! All questions contain three possible answers, ...
Exposed Bra 2006-07-29
During this summer season it is pretty evident that girls are no longer embarrased to expose not ...
underwear when u sleep (males only) 2008-09-24
underwear when u sleep (males only)
Female Teen Checkup 2008-12-21
Female Teen Checkup
Speedos!!! (straight guys) 2009-03-25
For all those unanswered questions about speedos. Please, only straight guys answer
Why do YOU hate summer? 2004-07-10
This is poll strictly for those who, like me, HATE SUMMER!!!!!!!
Sexy Wetsuits? 2007-06-10
Do people look sexy in wetsuits?
Boys wearing girl clothes 2015-06-21
This poll is about boys wearing girl clothes. The top part is for boys and the bottom part is for...
Swimming (Girls only) 2008-11-04
Swimming (Girls only)
charity fundraising 2005-04-02
What would you do
What if you could hypnotize 2006-04-13
WHAT IF you could hypnotize people answer for every person
for people with a weak bladder 2014-03-03
hi, i am 15 year old girl and a bedwetter. Sometimes i have dytime accidents too. Now i wanna kn...
who is the superior gender? 2002-12-16
who is superior, female or male ?
Getting a massage 2006-05-26
Just a little poll about what you like about or would like in a massage
choose my wedgie 2010-03-23
no public or messy
Guys: all about Freeballing! 2015-03-23
This survey is for guys who freeball (don't wear underwear).