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New Random Things 3 2016-06-13
Totally Random Things
American Money 2016-06-13
American Money
What should I Poop and pee in 2016-06-09
I just drank a milkshake with 5 bars of Exlax chocolate laxatives. Where should I poop in?
Facesitting/Stinkface 2016-06-09
A poll to see who has been facesat or stinkfaced before and what it was like.
For females - beer pong distractions 2016-06-08 (closed)
Beer pong is a popular party game played in pairs - often 2 females against 2 males. The rules al...
When does your bladder reach its limit? (take this if you need to pee!) 2016-06-08
When does your bladder reach its limit? (take this if you need to pee!)
Should boys be tortured on their testicles? 2016-06-05
Do you think that girls should torture boys' testicles? For punishment, discipline, or just for f...
Would you rather have children or a career? (girls and women) 2016-06-05
Would you rather have your dream job and it pay well, or have children and be a stay at home wife?
A poll on my tummy 2016-05-28
Vote on my tummy and how you would like to see it punished. [img] http://i.imgur.com/Mfvad1H.jp...
New Random Things 2 2016-05-23
Totally Random Things
Weddings 2016-05-20 (closed)
What do you like women?
Boy tickle punishment 2016-05-20
learning how boys get tickled
What should I go as to my first Halloween party ??? 2016-05-14
I am 15 and I have never really been very popular, but one of the popular guys invited me go thei...
New Random Things 1 2016-05-10
Totally Random Things
Pacific Northwest Regional Study 2016-05-08
This poll is designed to study the human culture of the Pacific Northwest region. It is only open...
Study of Southeast U.S. Culture 2016-05-08
This poll is only open to individuals who have resided for 10 years or more in one of the followi...
idea help 2016-05-07
help me get ideas for quizzes.
Your need to pee(you won't last) 2016-05-07
Your need to pee(you won't last)
Circumcision risk 2016-04-28
<p>You have a boy, you get him circumcised. How much simpler can it be, right?</p> ...
Youth diapers 2016-04-23
Youth diapers
Do You Like Being Tickled? 2016-04-23
Do You Like Being Tickled?
What should I make my son wear as a punishment? 2016-04-23
He is really misbehaving now so I think dressing him as a girl is the only way
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? <girls only> 2016-04-23
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? <girls only>
Having your clothes cut off in hospital! 2016-04-23
Have you had you clothes cut off in hospital before? Please tell us about it :)
Fundraising Event - Gunge/Slime Tank? 2016-04-23
My name is Becky and I've been asked to organise a fundraising event for my (field) hockey club. ...