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what would you do ? ( females only ) 2016-07-31
If you are a american civil war lady,and wear a hoopskirt with crinoline ,and managed to captu...
Should women be handcuffed when arrested ? 2016-07-24
I am looking for the opinions and thoughts of both men and women, for the situations or circum...
Survey For Increasing Funding To NASA 2016-07-24
Survey For Increasing Funding To NASA
Who is stronger- tall woman or short man (with pic) ? 2016-07-22
This is the second of the tall vs short polls with picture. The blonde woman is clearly a head ...
Wearing a diaper on special occasions as a teen(girl related questions ) 2016-07-22
He, My name is jennifer and I am an 17 year old girl. And as the title suggest I need to wear...
Skateboarding (for the guys) 2016-07-22
Skateboarding (for the guys)
Potty Training Children 2016-07-22
My opinion is all children should remain in diapers until they are 21 and old enough to make an i...
Dyscalculia, what help do you / did you get ? 2016-07-22
Among various other disabilities, I have Dyscalculia. I received no help with this and a result ...
Epilepsy and Incontinence 2016-07-20
A poll to find out how epilepsy affects you in regard to incontinence.
Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Teen Babies, Autism and Emotions. 2016-07-20
This poll is aimed at Infantilists who have Autism, Teen Babies are welcome. The Goal of this ...
New Random Things 5 2016-07-20
Totally Random Things
Ladies, When was the last time you were buried in the sand? 2016-06-25
Ladies, When was the last time you were buried in the sand at the beach?
Barefoot summer rules for boys 2016-06-25
So I was messaging an online fried the other day and the topic of boys spending entire summers in...
Your favorite OC 2016-06-19
Which of my ocs is your favorite
Hotel Shoeplay-Women/girls only 2016-06-19
Poll about shoeplay while staying at and travelling at hotels
New Random Things 3 2016-06-13
Totally Random Things
American Money 2016-06-13
American Money
What should I Poop and pee in 2016-06-09
I just drank a milkshake with 5 bars of Exlax chocolate laxatives. Where should I poop in?
Facesitting/Stinkface 2016-06-09
A poll to see who has been facesat or stinkfaced before and what it was like.
For females - beer pong distractions 2016-06-08 (closed)
Beer pong is a popular party game played in pairs - often 2 females against 2 males. The rules al...
When does your bladder reach its limit? (take this if you need to pee!) 2016-06-08
When does your bladder reach its limit? (take this if you need to pee!)
Should boys be tortured on their testicles? 2016-06-05
Do you think that girls should torture boys' testicles? For punishment, discipline, or just for f...
Would you rather have children or a career? (girls and women) 2016-06-05
Would you rather have your dream job and it pay well, or have children and be a stay at home wife?
A poll on my tummy 2016-05-28
Vote on my tummy and how you would like to see it punished. [img] http://i.imgur.com/Mfvad1H.jp...
New Random Things 2 2016-05-23
Totally Random Things