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Imaginary P.E. rules 2016-10-04
Imagine that you are designing P.E. lessons on your imaginary school. If you are not a teacher o...
Teengirls: are you a youth or still a kid? 2016-10-04
Beeing a Teenager has nothing to say about how mature you are, every girl is different :)
Have You Ever been To A Nude Beach 2016-10-04
Well, have you been to one?
Streaking! 2016-09-30
Just a Q and A about what you would do if you streaked.
The adventure of a war or the skirts and the petticoats . 2016-09-29
during the civil war , a boy of 11 years,great admirer of the soldiers and anxiously wanting to b...
Did you experience hairloss or hair thinning while on Accutane? 2016-09-25
Some accutane users have reported noticeable acceleration of hair loss or hair thinning during or...
I need to have some consequences 2016-09-22
I need to have some consequences
New Random Things 2016-09-21
Totally Random Questions asked by me
I can TOTALLY make you poop your pants 2016-09-21
The HARDEST poop yourself poll
potty trained after younger siblings 2016-09-15
This is a poll where i want to find out how it is when an older sibling has more potty problems t...
Punishment 2016-09-10
My boyfriend broke our tv while he was drunk, and I need help deciding punishment for him.
how you sit down quickly with a knee length pleated skirt ? (females only) 2016-09-09
if at the school or at work you're wearing a knee length pleated skirt and very busy , you not s...
The execution 2016-09-09
you are in the Old West in an execution and you see a outlaw being lead to the gallows with his...
Morning Routines 2016-09-09
Morning Routines
Will you buy the New iPhone 7? 2016-09-08
<img src=https://s15.postimg.org/rycnbr33f/i_Phone_7_concept_970_80.jpg/>
Teen Guys Tickled 2016-09-08
This is a poll for any guys 13-18 who have been tickled to their limits.
Pee/Poop poll 2016-09-08
a poll about peeing and pooping in your pants.
Pee/Poop your pants game 2016-08-31
A game where you poop your pants.
I can make you pee your pants 2016-08-31
A hard poll if you really need to pee
Halloween Costume voting 2016-08-31
im all ready thinking ahead to Halloween i want you all to pick my costume and i will wear the to...
if you were a policewoman and i a thief ( females only ) 2016-08-31
woman ; imagine yourself as a policewoman and i a thief ( females only )
Shy about being barefoot around friends 2016-08-27
I am very shy about being barefoot around friends or family. I am an 18 year old girl and I'm in ...
Girls only feet questions 2016-08-25
Girls only feet questions
Med qs 2016-08-25
Med qs
Raincoat discipline 2016-08-24
Raincoat discipline