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Extreme Stomach Growling (girls) 2016-11-29
Forget the same old stories about a hungry stomach in class. What about those situations that wer...
Ashley's Giantess Poll 2016-11-29
This poll will center around me being a giantess. If I was a giantess, would you prefer me to be ...
The decision .( females only ) 2016-11-23
Imagine that you are in the near future where the sexist men,the misogyny and the insults and...
The witch and the skirt . ( LADIES ONLY ) 2016-11-23
Imagine that you are the owner of a women's clothing store and also a witch,and angry about the i...
you decide what to wear (including diaper potentially) (girl question) 2016-11-17
Me and my mom had an discussion about diapers. So what i suggested is that we let an unbaised per...
Your first cigarette 2016-11-17
If you have ever smoked a cigarette, even just once, I thought it would be interesting to compare...
butt pluggs 2016-11-17
a while back my wife started to make me use a butt plug. I was just wondering if any other guys ...
diaper punishment 2016-11-17
when I was a little boy my mom would put me in diaper as a punishment. I was just wondering if o...
gender switch day 2016-11-17
I have always loved dressing up in girls cloths. so when my school decided to have a gender swit...
guys wearing panties 2016-11-17
this poll is about guys that like to wear painties
diaper punisment 2016-11-17
has anyone ever been forced to wear a diaper
Women who have and would like to kick/knee men in the nuts/balls. (ballbusting) 2016-11-09
This is a poll for women who have kicked/kneed men in the balls (or used other methods). Have you...
Bedwetting dress code 2016-11-08
Bedwetting dress code
Would you rather 2016-11-05
A few scenarios, begin with a "would you rather" followed up by two choices.
How do teen girls and tween girls feel about hitting a aguys balls? 2016-10-30
Just want to know the gender and age and how girls feel about hitting guys there for fun.
I have to wear shorts all year 2016-10-25
I am 20 and still live with my parents they are very strict and make me and my little brother (10...
Am I gay or straight? 2016-10-23
I don't know whether I am gay or straight.
Getting Spanked still and spanked over shorts 2016-10-23
I'm 14 and still getting spanked I get spanked a lot on my bare legs :( I think I'm too old an...
Burger King or Wendy's 2016-10-23
Burger King or Wendy's
Tickle Punishment for Children 2016-10-23
Curious of other parents' experiences with tickling as a form of punishment.
Is statistics dumb? 2016-10-23
Is statistics dumb?
boys who get in trouble in public for attention from dad 2016-10-14
this is a poll for boys and for fathers/dads of boys who like to get in trouble on purpose for at...
Elevator Shoeplay 2016-10-13
Elevator Shoeplay
boys who take off shoes in public 2016-10-13
this is a poll for boys or fathers of boys who like taking shoes and possibly losing shoes in pub...
What's your favorite color? 2016-10-13
What's your favorite color?