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What did the petshop tell you when you bought your reptile? 2000-02-26
This poll is mainly for water dragon owners but anyone who has purchased a reptile from a pet ...
Big General Poll 2000-01-08
A poll about everything
What stuff are you on?? 1999-10-07
I was trying to make my poll when I realized a very useful one. I often wonder how crazy peopl...
What are YOUR Ethics and Scruples? 1999-09-18
This poll is largely the result of several boring afternoons. (It's also undergone several update...
What's your Favorite G.I.Joe? 1999-08-15
G.I.Joe is likely the best known action figure of all time. In his long history, though, he has h...
the YOU poll 1999-08-06
hey this poll is about you. Just go ahead and vote.
The Shari Poll: 1.0 1999-06-26
Welcome to the Poll, affectionately known as the Poll, where we will be giving you, the man (or w...
Tipping and Ordering in Restaurants 1999-06-25
When should you tip and how much? I usually leave 15% of the pre-tax total. Sometimes more, somet...
*the either/or poll* 1999-06-21
which would YOU choose?
New Driving Laws 1999-06-07
I would like to know what others think about new laws being passed in some states regarding drive...
Keyboarding K-5? 1999-03-15
Many schools struggle with when to teach keyboarding. Should it be taught in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or a...
Back To The Future? 1999-03-11
If you know what you know now about Depo, would you still have taken it?