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What Would You Do??? 2001-05-08
Hey! This is just a poll asking funny and random questions! Just answer as many of them as you ...
Men: Sandals / Flops / Slides ... your favorites & why ? 2001-05-06
Curious to find out more what you guys like/dislike :
Pothead Poll 2001-05-01
Stoner or Casual Smoker? You decide!
The Girls Poll 2001-04-29
this is for the girls out there. just give your honest opinion, i want to know about the rest of ...
Ethnicity Project Questionairre 2001-04-27
Hi, thanks for your time. My name is Steve Williams, and I'm doing some research on the issue of...
Snik Poll 2001-04-27
Just Questions
Lots of Interesting Questions! 2001-04-16
This poll doesn't exactly have a theme, but answer any or all of the questions as you chose, and ...
depression 2001-04-16
whats your experience of, and opinion of depression?
How Often do you flip your Mattress? 2001-04-15
How often do you rotate or flip your mattress?
ZODIAC POLL 2001-04-14
This poll will let you vote on Zodiacs. You must know a little bit about horoscopes! 8^)
Tasteless and sex polls 2001-04-13
I came on the site yesterday and all the tasteless polls were gone! They were some of the best o...
Beauty Pageants 2001-04-13
Some think beauty pageants exploit women. Others think they boost self confidence
Nyippity Blah 2001-03-25
I'm weird. Deal.
The Weirdy Poll 2001-03-20
Ok, I admit it, this poll is kinda stupid and pointless.. but please, don't leave, finish it anyw...
Favorite National TALK SHOW Hosts 2001-03-18
Do you listen to nationally syndicated radio talkshows? Here is your chance to voice your opinio...
A Poll Just For You 2001-03-15
Most of the people who take polls these days are between 15 and 18. So if your in this group, do ...
The Poll of the century 2001-03-15
This is just gonna be a quick poll to se what turns people into what they are, yeah!!
Solo Bushwalking 2001-03-03
To go it alone or not. Bushwalking,Hiking,Backpacking, Tramping,or whatever you'd like to call it.
What Kinda person are you? 2001-03-02
This is like a personality test, its open ended, so just have fun!!!
How much sleep do you get? 2001-02-23
I am conducting a poll to see how much sleep people get on an average night.
Driving aggravation 2001-02-23
We all have our share of aggravating and annoyances as we travel down the road/highways to work, ...
RADIO Listening Habits! 2001-02-20
Some people think radio listening has changed the past 10 years, now that you can get music, news...
Suicide Poll 2001-02-18
What would you do if you couldn't take it anymore?
Toughest 7 & 8oz. Cans 2001-02-03
Vote for what you feel is the toughest 7 or 8 oz. can.
THE SURVEY 2001-02-03
Important questions to help us fulfill your consumer needs.