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Fave Junk 2001-09-30
I just want to know what your favorite junk foods are.
Favorite color 2001-09-29
This poll is fast and easy..so try it and find out!
I can't live without my : 2001-09-29
I can't live without my: Television, telephone, internet or all of the above.
Alarm Systems 2001-09-28
A Brief survey of Your Security Habits
Consciousnet Survey - October 2001 2001-09-28
The deeper causes of the September 11, 2001 disaster
What is your favorite kind of chocolate!? 2001-09-26
Hey Everyone, this is for a school project, please answer the question only once, thanx
Vote for the Ultimate 2001-09-25
This poll is about what teens feel about there parents.
Poll 2001-09-25
Give me your vote on this weeks poll
The ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN (part 2) 2001-09-25
Pick your favorite from each pair.
Check out the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN (part 1) 2001-09-25
Pick your favorites from each pair.
Celebrity Effect 2001-09-24
This is again for a research on weather celebrities have an impact on consumer sales.
Celebrity Fashion 2001-09-24
I am doing a research on weather or not celebrities effect the consumer buying of fashion.
The Poll That Makes You Go Hmm 2001-09-24
Is this wacky enough for you?
What Would You Do For A Million Dollars 2001-09-23
Check off all of the things you would be willing to do to become a millionaire.
What's Your Opinion?? 2001-09-23
We want to know your opinion to these varios questions. Answer on your first instinct and don't ...
do you own a sheep? 2001-09-22
im not talking about a stuffed sheep! i mean the real deal! the whole lamb chop!
Dieting 2001-09-22
I see people every day wanting to lose weight and get a great sexy figure. i just wanna know how ...
Would you rather....... 2001-09-22
Tell me which is worse
How clean are you? 2001-09-21
I am obsessive about felling clean. Are you?
Happiness 2001-09-21
What do we know about Happiness? If it is not a warm puppy, then what is it?
Beer! 2001-09-20
What is your favourite beer?
A poll to find out what you like to see in the polls
What is the worst way to die? 2001-08-28
What do you think would be the "worst" way to die?
Who here likes cows? 2001-08-23
Hi. In this poll I am trying to find out if Americans love their cows. So bear with me here.
For people who self-injure(SI) 2001-08-22
This poll is to find out why you self-injure. Please only take the poll if you have ever self-in...