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Harnessed Children 2001-10-19
This poll explores the use of children harnesses. Either parents of harness children or child...
Where are you from 2001-10-19
Just wondering, where country/state your from.
A few questions 2001-10-19
Important questions 2001-10-18
do you do these things?
Cows! 2001-10-17
Do you think cows are.....
The Crusty Pickle Random Poll 2001-10-16
This poll makes no sense. The questions are utterly bizzare. Just a friendly warning. If you c...
What color are your eyes? 2001-10-15
What color are your eyes?
picking wedgies 2001-10-14
Do you smell your hand after you pick your wedgie
Band dorks 2001-10-14
This is a poll for high school students who are in band.
Attention All Misterpoll Users 2001-10-11
Which polls do you use
Random Things from Random Thoughts 2001-10-09
This poll is 110% organized randomness. Please give me the answer that is to the best of your kn...
The ultimate challenge 2001-10-09
This poll is to determin how people feel about certain holidays!
Bad Middle Names- Which one's worse? 2001-10-09
My friend and I have bad middle names. We want to find out which one is worse.
Cereal Poll 2001-10-07
Lots of people eat cereal. When they are little, thier mommies make them eat it for breakfast, a...
Best place to live 2001-10-06
Choose the best country or city you have been to that on your opinion would be the ultimate place...
choose one!!! 2001-10-05
Everyday you have to make choices. How do you think others differ form you? Want to find out? Oka...
NSX Dilemma 2001-10-05
I own the car of my dreams, a Red Acura NSX. However, I'm coming face to face with consequences I...
Laughter 2001-10-03
What do you think about laughing?
Do you like being tickled? 2001-10-03
Hey everyone. The questions are simple: Do you like being tickled, if yes, than by who, ect. I...
Traditional vs Contemporary Cats? 2001-10-02
Traditional or Modern Burmese? Classic or Modern Siamese? Tell us which you prefer
writing 2001-10-01
I'm a writer. Are you?
Crazy Cars 2001-10-01
Pick your fav. car
Do you allow your children to go Barefoot 2001-10-01
For reasons not clear, children don't go barefoot as much as they did in years past. Some reason...
baby poll 2001-10-01
baby poll