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Leptonic Lemmings Lack Learning 2001-11-09
This is only a test! I jest! If you are a stupid moron you will not have acquired the proper kn...
Candy Types 2001-11-09
Choose your favorite kind of candy listed in your demographic group.
Your dreams, Reality or not? 2001-11-09
This poll is for researching whether or not people are able to dream such vivid dreams that they ...
Painting your nails 2001-11-06
Girls, what colours do you most like to paint your nails. Guys, which colours do you most like gi...
Week of 11/5/01 2001-11-06
Hey guys! I'm helping a friend with her psychology project, so please fill out!!! Thanks!!
Weed-Whacking 2001-11-04
from a weed's perspective
Girls, Shoes On or Off at home? 2001-11-04
When I visit friends (mostly girls), I notice that more and more are adopting no-shoes policies a...
How strict are your parents? 2001-11-03
THIS IS NOT A POLL FOR ADULTS! You're still living with your parents. So, what do you think? Are...
Radom Poll about all stuff 2001-10-30
These questions arent forany real purpose.
At-home naval piercings 2001-10-29
Piercing your own belly button
Poll For Teens (13-17) 2001-10-27
Teen Opinions
Celebrate Halloween! 2001-10-27
This is a poll about how u feel about halloween.
If your a girl what's your name??? 2001-10-27
Just click whats your name.
Hott Celebs 2001-10-26
Who do u think the hottest singer or actor is? Find out HERE!
Voting on polls 2001-10-26
This poll will just help me find out if you think poll voting is an accurate form of promoting yo...
What do you believe in??? 2001-10-26
This is a study to see how far we've progressed as a collective conciousness. Have fun.......
For fun 2001-10-25
Just questions for fun
Literary Character Deathmatch 2001-10-24
Here are a couple of matches between well-known literary characters. Please decide the outcome.
What's Your MBTI? 2001-10-24
Being successful in Life is partially determined by how well you know yourself. The Myers-Briggs ...
Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities 2001-10-24
I am interested in learning about the experiences of individuals with disabilities. Your inout wo...
Snacks 2001-10-23
This is for me to see the anser to the most asked question, "what is the most liked snack&qu...
Names 2001-10-22
From Joe to Aryssa, what would be your favorite and least favorite picks for names? Would you nam...
Research Before Having a Child? 2001-10-21
When you buy a car, you research first. You learn how to drive one, how to keep it running, what ...
sexy penguins r really sexy 2001-10-21
do u think penguins r really sexy???
Do you hve a T.V in your room? 2001-10-21
Dou you have a television in your room?