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who is more trustworthy? {bailey} 2001-11-11
If you were flying over the saraha desert at 100 mph with crazy canibals at your back holding pit...
all bout me 2001-11-10
let me now bout you
Are you happy 2001-11-10
if youre not happy tell everyone why
Have you ever been arrested? 2001-11-10
This poll is about being arrested and locked up by the long arm of the law. If you have a stor...
Completely random poll with no meaning whatsoever 2001-11-10
This has random questions that are in no way associated with anything.
*^LeeZa's LuvLy Poll^* 2001-11-10
Hey! This is my new poll! I deleted the other one...maybe this one is better or something...
Darkmists 2001-11-10
Everyone know's this is one of the hottest topics out there where do YOU (points a finger at you ...
Which is most important?Brains, heart, or courage? 2001-11-10
Ok, so L. Frank Baum first raised the question back in 1900 over a century ago with his book &quo...
Actors and Actresses 2001-11-09
Does the cast get to see more of a show than the audience ?
Walking barefoot on broken glass and hot coals 2001-11-09
This is a poll to find out if you would like to walk barefoot on broken glass and buring coals.
Pop or Soda? 2001-11-09
I know you all want to say Pop, but please be honest with your vote.
Goat 2001-11-09
Shopping Solution 2001-11-09
Shopping Solution is a company created by a student in a Business Course.
hi 2001-11-09
What is your favorite type of dancing? 2001-11-09
What has always been your favorite type of dancing?
Fun 2001-11-09
I just feel like asking random questions for fun....Enjoy!
Banning 2001-11-09
Those who were ban today
Piercings!! 2001-11-09
GUYS ONLY PLEASE..lip piercings
Men's clothing - ties 2001-11-09
Do you wear ties
why can't some people say "ask"? 2001-11-09
One thing that realy drives me nuts is when someone says "aks" instead of "ask&qu...
Tasty Toe Nails, or not? 2001-11-09
Can't find the clippers? got some wicked long toe nails?
Are you happy 2001-11-09
Are you happy?
Whats your favorite....? 2001-11-09
This Poll is to determine favorites of people our age. Music, careers, colors, TV shows and other...
Incontinence 2001-11-09
Do you have a bladder problem?
What is your favorite name? 2001-11-09
this is to find out what your favorite name is.