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Various Questions 2001-12-04
Just some miscellaneous questions
which one is better 2001-12-03
which one do u like better
Marijuana and Other Drugs 2001-12-03
This is a poll concerning drug use.
Music-ish Poll thing 2001-11-30
Um..yeeeesss...just...take the damn quiz already.
Dogmatism 2001-11-29
Are you a religious, moral, or scientific dogmatist? Are you a moral relitivist?
What do you think of "On Becoming Babywise" by Gary Ezzo 2001-11-29
"On Becoming Babywise" has attracted considerable controversy, and yet it remains a pop...
Art junk 2001-11-29
Yay. Vote on art stuff.
christmas gift 2001-11-28
christmas is comming up!!! what do u want this year??
Energy 2001-11-28
Future of energy production?
Arden 2001-11-28
well this poll all started when me and my brother were having an argument about the name Arden. ...
Pepsi or Coke? 2001-11-28
Just wondering.......
Saki.....u love it? 2001-11-27
Saki is a very very very good wine...comin from japan......yeah well let's see what's ur opinion ...
Anything and Everything Poll 2001-11-27
This poll is about lots of things... I just wanna know about people!!
shopping, a must! 2001-11-27
a poll on shopping
would you rather 2001-11-27
would you rather do this or that
Smoking and Cigarettes 2001-11-27
This poll is to determine which kind of cigarettes people prefer smoking.
Eye Candies Celebrity Voter 2001-11-27
Go On Pick Your Favourite Celebrity For Eye Candy To Add
Mitsubishi or Subaru 2001-11-27
Mitsubishi or Subaru
California Dreaming? 2001-11-27
About living in California. There's at least one question for everyone.
popular name for girls! 2001-11-26
what is the name you would switch your name to or think is a really popular good name
Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream 2001-11-26
We are doing a survey to prove that chocolate ice cream is more superior.
have you ever... 2001-11-26
Just interested.
Streak's Random Poll #1 2001-11-26
Just a random poll concerning things that may or may not interest me.
Boys Don't Cry! 2001-11-25
This is a poll for the boys. Thank you. I'm driving a point home to my boyfriend.
Favorite stores! 2001-11-24
This is a poll about what stores are the COOLEST!