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Toilet Paper 2001-12-12
this a poll about toilet paper
who would you trust?!?! 2001-12-12
if you were on a island in the middle of no-wheresville and a wizzard came up to you giving you 5...
Transformers: RiD Heroics Character Poll 2001-12-12
Who's your favorite Autobot Brother? Who's your favorite Spychanger? Vote here!
Pantyhose 2001-12-12
What do you wear with pantyhose
Some things that wore on my mind 2001-12-12
I live in a crazy enchanted world
12/10/01 2001-12-12
Poll Question
Llama Poll 2001-12-12
Which Way Do You Like Your Llamas??
HCM POLL 2001-12-12
New Year Resolutions Poll
What R U into? 2001-12-12
Hello. Thank you for taking the time to complete my poll. These are just some Questions I though ...
Leprachauns VS. Smurfs 2001-12-12
Who do you think would win in a fight?
Girls strong legs and leg wrestling 2001-12-12
Who have the stronger legs? Girls or guys? Who's the best in leg wrestling? If you have an exper...
Genes 2001-12-10
Dominant is that the majority shows it. Recessive is the opposite. The minority shows it and you ...
Girls againts boys 2001-12-09
At a previous poll not created by me, it's obvious that fromthe result girls are stronger than bo...
armwrestling girls 2001-12-08
Male vs Female, the stronger sex?
Christmas Time is Here 2001-12-08
Merry Christmas! What are your most favorite things about Christmas time? (pick up to 10)
Plastic Surgery - would YOU? 2001-12-08
Now think about it...Are you happy and content with your looks? OR is there something you would c...
Ostomy Surgery Poll 2001-12-06
Knowledge of Ostomy Surgery
What would you do for millions 2001-12-06
Here is the situation. You have been contacted by an eccentric multi-billionaire. He gives you th...
Nicest Car 2001-12-06
What's your favorite car?
Going barefoot 2001-12-04
A poll about being barefoot
How Smart Are You? 2001-12-04
Just how smart do you think you are? That's the question
Occupation Prejudice 2001-12-04
Hi, the questions will explain what I'm talking about.
Career 2001-12-04
I was tested to have a 165 IQ in Dercember, 2000, and have nearly 300 occupational fields open to...
About us 2001-12-04
This is a poll about all of us and is non bird related. The idea for this poll was sent in by PJ!...
Would you rather... 2001-12-04
Would you rather...