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The terrifyng Ghostly woman 2017-05-06
The terrifyng Ghostly woman? Inside a dark and abandoned mansion ,a man tries to flee in ter...
Back to diapers? 2017-04-24
When is it time to put accident prone and/or bedwetting kids or teens back to diapers?
Tickling 2017-04-19
Bottomless at school 2017-04-17
A poll for girls who like to go to school bottomless. In my town during the hotter parts of the y...
Shoes Off and Barefoot House Rules. 2017-04-14
A poll about the rules on the wearing of footwear by members of your household and guests. Ple...
If your underwear was seen 2017-04-14
If a person of the opposite sex came over right now , pulled open your dresser and started lookin...
Need to pee??? GIRLS ONLY! 2017-04-14
At the end you won't!!!
When you should Seek for Math Help? 2017-04-14
Getting math help when you really need is the key to securing higher grades in math. That is why ...
Do you own or wear glasses? 2017-04-11
Do you own or wear glasses?
Hispanic Mom's tickling their daughters. 2017-04-11
Hispanic Mom's are evil at tickling.
Wedgies 2017-04-06
This poll will give me insight into wedgies which I have gotten and love alot!
Guys Caught Wearing Panties 2017-04-02
Guys, have you been caught wearing girls undies? What happened?
Wedgie Master 2017-03-28
If you are looking for a wedgie master please fill out this poll and I will be in contact to be a...
Handcuffed by Female 2017-03-22
Handcuffed by Female
Braces Fan Survey 2017-03-21
A survey for people who think braces are cool.
How to wear flipflops to school? 2017-03-18 (closed)
I'm a 20 years old university student boy from Europe, and I live with my parents. When I was yo...
Guys - Ever been caught or exposed in your underwear? 2017-03-12
Guys have you ever been caught or exposed in your undies?
Wetting Accidents in Late Teens and Young Adults 2017-02-27
Hi! I'm Claire, 24, and have been dealing with frequent wetting accidents since I was a teenager ...
dont pee 2017-02-27
might make you pee
Guys Opinions on Panties 2017-02-27
Determining guys thoughts and opinions on women's undies
Those 13-21, Can You Mail a Letter? 2017-02-27
Could you go through all the processes of mailing a letter without using any other resource? Tha...
Child Gender Preference Among Americans 2017-02-20
If you could only have one child, what gender would it be?
Survey: I Disliked Wearing Braces 2017-02-18
A survey about why you didn't liked wearing braces. (For people who disliked wearing braces.)
If you're a fairy godmother ( FEMALES ONLY ) 2017-02-18
If you're a fairy godmother with powers and you find yourself a man very sexist , misogynous who...
Survey: I Liked Wearing Braces 2017-02-16
A survey about why you liked wearing braces. (For people who liked wearing braces.)