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Wee yourself 2015-07-10
we have all done it
Hot Mixed Wrestling Match At the Club 2015-07-10
I'm a 5'2, 22 year old white female with long brown hair. I have a slim figure, weighing 118 poun...
Low blows 2015-07-10
Low blows
Physical exam experiences while growing up 2015-07-10
By today's standards, there was less privacy for me whenever I got medical check-ups as a kid.
Chastity belt for girls 2015-07-10
Hi :) I have to wear a metal chastity belt sometimes and was wondering who else has to wear one ...
Teens poll 2015-07-10
Talk about your penis
Naughty Adult Fantasy 2015-07-10 (closed)
are you an adult whose fantasized about being naughty and needing a spanking? or have you fantasi...
Humiliating Catfight at a Beach Bar Rematch 2015-07-10
I'm approaching this poll as if you won our last fight. The majority of the votes had you winning...
ideas for my g/f to do to me for acting so childish 2015-06-21
So i have been wetting my bed and recently my pants and so my g/f has decided i need to make a po...
Teens tickled by Moms 2015-06-21
For teens whos mommys give them tickles!
Tickled as a child or pre-teen by your friends 2015-06-21
I want to see if anyone had some crazy tickling experiences when you were young or How your frien...
What's the most ticklish part of your body? 2015-06-21
What's the most ticklish part of your body?
what wedgie do i deserve? 2015-06-21
what wedgie do i deserve?
Pick one! 2015-06-21 (closed)
Pick the best. or your favorite. or least favorite, whichever.
pee pants scenaios 2015-06-21
what will you do in these situations
Is it just me? 2015-06-21
Did MisterPoll stop sending out notifications about new activity?
How much clothes to go out for mail? 2015-06-21
I scamper out to the mailbox every morning to get the mail for my mom and dad. I just wear my un...
Whats the best thing about getting slimed/gunged? 2015-06-21
Pick your one favourite part of getting slimed or watching somebody else get slimed.
Boys wearing girl clothes 2015-06-21
This poll is about boys wearing girl clothes. The top part is for boys and the bottom part is for...
how do 14 year old dudes sleep at night? 2015-06-21
Poll to find out how most 14 year old dudes sleep
How do you want to die? 2015-06-21
Tell me how you want to go out.
What war is associated with the American National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner)? 2015-06-18
What war is associated with the American National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner)?
Your feet and weedwacking weeds to punish them 2015-06-01
Just a little poll about your feet and weedwacking weeds :)
What's your sign? (astrology) 2015-06-01
Another poll just for fun :-)
What's your birthday? 2015-06-01
Just for fun :-)