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Tickle Poll 2016-01-11
A poll about tickling
Cigarette Brands in Canada 2015-12-29
I'm a very indecisive person, so one could imagine how difficult it is for me to decide which cig...
For those who want to be, but have never been tickled 2015-12-15
Unfortunately, some people who think they love being tickled have never truly experienced ticklin...
Which Holiday is your favorite? 2015-12-03
Which Holiday is your favorite?
Which Holiday is your Favorite? 2015-12-03 (closed)
Which Holiday is your Favorite?
What is your favorite day of the week? 2015-12-03
What is your favorite day of the week?
Philippines Survey 2015-12-02 (closed)
This is a test
How do you find your dentures? 2015-11-21
A survey to see how satisfied you are with your dentures.
Robert's Fainting Pole 2015-11-20
Hi, I'm Robert and I am obsessed with fainting. It all started when I saw a girl from my class fa...
Self defense 2015-11-19
Which of these moves are most efficient against a male or female attacker?
Who should get the Rose? 2015-11-19
Eric is now stuck between his last three options. Who should he pick to spend his life with?
Should I learn French? 2015-11-19
Yeah or Nope
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? (girls only) 2015-11-18
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? (girls only)
FAINTING BOYS / GUYS (The Truth) 2015-11-18
This Poll is for All BOYS & GUYS who FAINT. Please be honest with your answers as I am study...
Barefoot or Boots? 2015-11-18
People are usually wear rubber boots in a wet place, but go barefoot to the lake. In various sit...
Books and Tea or Coffee 2015-11-18
Books and Tea or Coffee
What day(s) of the week does your garbage/dumpster truck come? 2015-11-16
If you live in a house, tell me when your garbage truck comes. If you live in an apartment, tell ...
Look what I found 2015-11-16
(Assume you are not the only adult living in the house.) If you find something (neither dangerous...
Disabled People In Wheelchairs. 2015-09-16
Over recent times whilst being out in public I have noticed something. I seem to have seen a few...
Spanked hands 2015-09-16
I am interested in your experiences. In my family it is common to spank the hands, sometimes in a...
My holidays 2015-09-14
I take Saturday, Sunday, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving D...
Fighting with a woman at work! 2015-09-14
Most fights a female will have, will be during your school years. Have you ever been fighting wit...
Favorite Season and Why 2015-09-14
This poll asks what one's favorite season is and why.
Your funeral 2015-09-14
what would your funeral be like? I will add my answer to each one as a guide to what sort of thin...
Abbreviations - Good or bad? 2015-09-14
Abbreviations - Good or bad?