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CVT Transmission Solutions 2021-10-06
A poll to learn if people are really happy with CVT Transmissions.
Do banks give loans to students? 2021-09-24
I am a student and now I need to get a loan. Which banks give loans to students?
insure my snowmobile 2021-09-11
I need to insure my snowmobile, but I do not know which side to approach this issue, since I have...
Barefoot at Work 2021-09-11
This is a poll to see how many people go barefoot at work.
How desperate to pee are you? 2021-09-09
Take this poll if you really have to pee
Moms of Daughters: what age did you stop making little-kid potty stops for her? 2021-08-24
For mothers who have raised 1+ daughter. <p> I'm not talking about the potty-training...
Is Driving in the Fog safe? 2021-08-04
How to drive safe, please provide some tips?
Driving Barefoot 2021-08-04
A poll to see who drive barefoot.
Dentist Visit (new!) 2021-08-04
Let's discuss your dental visits
Barefoot 2021-08-04
Where you,ve been barefoot outside your house?
barefoot habits at home and cleaning your feet 2021-08-04
I am always barefoot at home and most of the times I go to sleep with dirty feet. My parents are...
How many adults cannot burp? 2021-08-04
Can you?
kids swimming fully clothed 2021-08-04
to find out how many kids will go swimming fully clothed
Young girls dressing sexy and revealingly 2021-02-11
Do you encourage your daughter to show off and dress revealingly? Do you enjoy the attention she...
Vomit poll 2021-02-11
Everything to do with vomit.
Have you ever seen someone have a potty accident? 2021-02-07
Have you ever seen someone have a potty accident?
Have you ever seen someone have a potty accident? 2021-02-07
Have you ever seen someone have a potty accident?
Little girl tickling 2021-02-01
My young cousin is a pageant queen and a super brat. Me and my friend tie & tickle her almost...
Massageishealthy How often do you have a general healthy exam? 2021-01-31
How often do you have a general healthy exam? Massageishealthy News blog about clinical nutrition...
Chastity 2021-01-31
What should me and my friend do with each other while we are both locked in chastity belts?
What I First Was On Me After Diapers 2021-01-21
That was cloth training pants! That was due to that I was terrified peeing naked and inside pants...
males losing over a foot of height? 2021-01-20
When I first met my wife, I was 5'6 and she was 5'5. We were both happy with our relationship, an...
I got caught shoplifting - decide my punishment (17f) 2021-01-20
Soooo... I got shoplifting. The security guard caught me trying to walk out with a bottle of wine...
The three ATS and the General 2018-11-26
we are in World War II shortly after the Normandy landings ,and these three British military wo...
Expose him in panties? 2018-10-15
Would it be good revenge for a girl who was pantsed by a guy to get him to wear panties and then ...