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What I First Was On Me After Diapers 2021-01-21
That was cloth training pants! That was due to that I was terrified peeing naked and inside pants...
males losing over a foot of height? 2021-01-20
When I first met my wife, I was 5'6 and she was 5'5. We were both happy with our relationship, an...
I got caught shoplifting - decide my punishment (17f) 2021-01-20
Soooo... I got shoplifting. The security guard caught me trying to walk out with a bottle of wine...
The three ATS and the General 2018-11-26
we are in World War II shortly after the Normandy landings ,and these three British military wo...
Expose him in panties? 2018-10-15
Would it be good revenge for a girl who was pantsed by a guy to get him to wear panties and then ...
Punishment for bedwetting daughter 2018-10-11
She is a young teenager and wet sometimes her bed, not very often but sometimes 1-2 times per wee...
Barefeet/Barefoot Poll 2018-10-11
A poll about your barefoot tendencies and behaviors. I'm using this for general information, as ...
Guys who wear briefs - Do you use the fly? 2018-10-11
Guys who wear regular briefs, do you use the fly when you go?
parents taking part in an experiment were their kids are concerned 2018-10-11
To find out how many parents think their kids would get in the bath or shower fully clothed in th...
Kids haveng their brother or sister a swimming race fully clothed 2018-10-11
To find out how many kids would have thier brother or sister a swimming race fully clothed in the...
Sewing in school (for girls/women only) 2018-10-10
A simple poll to find out how you sewn at school.
Tickling 2018-10-10
tickle 2018-10-10
the yankee drummer and the confederate girls 2018-10-10
If during the American Civil War,you see approaching running towards you to a drum little boy fro...
Diaper Use 2018-10-09
What has been your diaper experience with your children. What types of diapers have they used and...
Wedgie Poll 2018-05-09
https://staschoolstudent.deviantart.com/ Something similar here.
Which poop dare should I do? 2018-05-05
Which poop dare or dares do you think I should do? Please leave some comments of which poop dare ...
Las potty accident 2018-05-01
when was your las potty accident.
Should I Join the Military? 2018-04-17
Hello. I am a 23-year-old guy. I've been thinking for quite some time now about enlisting in th...
Winter outerwear 2018-03-27
Forum for winter outerwear discussion
Daily wedgies 2018-03-27
What wedgies should I get daily. It could either be by me or multiple others. I am female.
Paramedics/EMTs Treating Children 2018-03-11
This is a survey about paramedics and EMTs who treat children in an ambulance. How the children r...
School accidents 2018-02-22
School accidents
Have you ever peed yourself in school? 2018-02-20
Have you ever peed yourself in school?
Toilet Scenarios 2018-02-20
For the purposes of this poll, you are a wife and mother in her late 20s–early 40s. You have a ...