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Red vs. Blue - Best Season 2 Episode 2005-07-29
Vote for your favourite Red vs. Blue season 2 episode. No extra videos (including PSAs and episod...
The Best Bittorrent Client 2005-08-03
Bittorent clients, like bitcomet etc
New screenname! 2005-08-28
Hello all! I'm so incredibly sick of my screenname and I want to change it really bad! Problem is...
Vulnerabilities: who is responsible? 2005-09-13
This poll is about who most folks consider to be the responsible party for all the current softwa...
Internet Users 2005-09-26
This is survey for people that use the internet.
Neopets Muffins! 2005-10-19
yummy yummy yummy...
Music Downloading 2005-10-21
I am presenting a speech to my Debate class about music downloading and to get a variety of peopl...
Why you are not voting? 2006-01-11
Please take a moment.
chunk of hardened cement or run into a brick wall? 2006-01-20
Would you rather eat a chunk of hardened cement the size of a racquetball, or run as fast as you ...
Online Piracy 2006-02-20
Internet access and Broadband have greatly increased the amount of piracy, not just in Music but ...
Which domain name do you like? 2006-03-06
I am looking to buy a domain name instead of using a temporary URL to my server. And I want some ...
MySpace- Good or Bad? 2006-03-15
Here you can decide about MySpace...is it good or bad?
Fav. internet site 2006-03-20
My poll is about your fav. internet site.
Internet Services 2006-04-19
Poll for all kinds of Internet Services you know. OR just see the results to know more about va...
Online communities Poll 2006-04-26
user perceptions of online communities
Are you aware that all these polls are meaningless? 2006-06-06
For various reasons, the results of these polls are totally bogus and mean nothing. For example,...
internet 2006-07-11
i almost never get on the internet do you?
Web Hosting 2006-07-22
About you and your web hosting....
MisterPoll vs. Voote.com 2006-08-05
They are both online polling websites. Which do you think is better
Music or Not 2006-08-10
Does auto play music on blogs bug the hell out of you
Myspace 2006-08-14
Just wondering a few things about myspace people.
Poll of the day: 2006-08-28
If Opera and other browsers weren't in the browser war,would Firefox have more than 50% of the ma...
ultimate red vs. blue series poll 2006-09-08
the famous internet series based on halo and halo 2
How Ethnicly Diverse is Misterpoll? 2006-09-08
Basicly, state or country where you live. I wanna see how far the range of people who are here is...
Everything neopets! 2006-10-02
Do you like neopets? Are you addicted? Or did you just come here to make fun of neopets? Whatever...