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Neopets Muffins! 2005-10-19
yummy yummy yummy...
Why you are not voting? 2006-01-11
Please take a moment.
Online Piracy 2006-02-20
Internet access and Broadband have greatly increased the amount of piracy, not just in Music but ...
Which domain name do you like? 2006-03-06
I am looking to buy a domain name instead of using a temporary URL to my server. And I want some ...
MySpace- Good or Bad? 2006-03-15
Here you can decide about MySpace...is it good or bad?
Fav. internet site 2006-03-20
My poll is about your fav. internet site.
Internet Services 2006-04-19
Poll for all kinds of Internet Services you know. OR just see the results to know more about va...
Online communities Poll 2006-04-26
user perceptions of online communities
Money for charity 2006-06-13
Finding better ways to raise money for charity
internet 2006-07-11
i almost never get on the internet do you?
The Internet and Inappropriate Content 2006-08-03
This poll helps to verify people's interests in pornography
MisterPoll vs. Voote.com 2006-08-05
They are both online polling websites. Which do you think is better
Music or Not 2006-08-10
Does auto play music on blogs bug the hell out of you
Poll of the day: 2006-08-28
If Opera and other browsers weren't in the browser war,would Firefox have more than 50% of the ma...
ultimate red vs. blue series poll 2006-09-08
the famous internet series based on halo and halo 2
How Ethnicly Diverse is Misterpoll? 2006-09-08
Basicly, state or country where you live. I wanna see how far the range of people who are here is...
Computer Location 2006-09-18
Where do you use your computer?
Everything neopets! 2006-10-02
Do you like neopets? Are you addicted? Or did you just come here to make fun of neopets? Whatever...
BOF (Batman-on-Film): Are your pro, or anit? 2006-11-19
Batman-on-Film.com is a website that is considered by many to be the ultimate Batman site, but in...
browser tabs 2006-11-30
What do you think of browser tabs ? Are you using these or not ?
Best Website 2007-01-18
Pick da 1 that u like da most!
What website would you like??? 2007-02-24
Hey, come one, throw up your opinion and tell us what type of websites do you like the most and w...
Toontown 2007-03-06
This is for everyone who plays toontown, the best online game ever!!!
Do you have a myspace? 2007-06-04
Do you have a profile at MySpace?
Is a Newsgroup a forum? 2007-06-20
Thinking about the accepted meaning of the word forum, do you think it is perfectly reasonable to...