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Education; Today and Tomorrow 2002-04-01
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, which will help shape education in the future....
Internet poll! 2002-04-09
This is a poll about how much you use the internet, what you do on the internet, and other intern...
Yahoo Gaming 2002-04-14
don't pay to play thier games.
Pop-up Ads 2002-06-18
I think pop-up ads really suck. How about you?
Married Email 2002-08-19
Sharing of email passwords between spouses.
EBay Auctions 2002-09-04
This poll will examine your EBay usage.
I Like Polls 2002-09-16
Do you like polls? If so this is the place to be.
Cable connection 2003-01-27
How would you rate your cable connection
Size and Range of Stores 2003-02-21
"Range" is defined as the maximum distance people are willing to travel in order to get...
b3ta users - what screen you have? 2003-06-05
do you use a TFT or a CRT?
Detailed Internet Chat Poll 2003-06-29
A poll about all aspects of your Internet chatting.
What Do You Look For In A Online Store??? 2003-08-28
What Do You Look For In A Online Store???
AIM BOTS 2003-10-20
i hate bots in chatrooms.
Certain Websites- Stupid or cool? 2003-11-24
I'm going to name a website and you're going to tell me if it's cool or stupid...got it? GOOD!
Location of misterpoll members 2003-12-12
This poll is to determine geographical location of misterpoll members
Flash Programs 2003-12-17
What is your favourite flash program?
Who do you E-mail? 2004-01-20
Questions about how you use E-mail.
Digital Photography 2004-02-14
In present time we have the choice of photo cameras we can use.
Club 8 League Polls 2004-06-07
Getting feedback
Countries 2004-07-02
Hi i just wanna find out which nationalities use this website the most. Oh yeah and im English cu...
Be honest, has anyone ever made any money on e-bay? 2004-07-06
The truth about E-bay auctions and Earning money
Internet 2004-08-30
The Internet is used in a lot of ways. How about you?
Most E-Commerce software is designed to keep your personal sensitive information such as credit c...
Customer behaviour on the Internet 2004-11-22
This poll is part of my diploma so i would really appreciate it if you filled it in. Thanks in ad...
Using Flash in Websites 2005-03-16
Do you like flash? Do you think it´s a good tool in websites?