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ISP Type 2003-12-05
We're trying to get some sense of what percentage of Mark Twain's community of students and staff...
Mike's Poll 2004-01-28
Umm...its about stuff.
What you Got? 2005-01-18
What kind of connection
Your Favorite Search Engines 2005-02-24
There are many search engines and multiplesearch engines. In addition to the favorites, are ther...
Favorite Red vs Blue character 2005-05-09
This poll is just too see who is the best RvB character
Web Browsers 2005-09-19
Which Web Browser do you prefer?
Questionnaire For An Online University 2005-12-21
An online univesity offers you the luxury of studying and getting a degree while sitting at home....
Search engines 2007-01-20
This poll is to see which search engines people use on the internet. This only general search eng...
HotorNot ratings poll 2007-07-03
This poll is for users familiar with the website hotornot.com. I have found that the ratings o...
runescape vs. habbo 2007-09-13
runescape vs. habbo hotel
Have you ever pirated anything? 2008-01-06
Have you ever illegally downloaded anything.
Who do you hate most on Isketch? 2008-04-23
Who do you hate most on Isketch?
Ninja Poll 152: Quotes for T-shirts 2008-11-04
Pick your favourite Quotes! This will just see what quotes are funnier. Thanks for taking my ninj...
Do you parents read your email? 2008-12-15
I'm just curious how many parents do. I feel like it's an invasion of privacy, personally. Please...
what is the grossest and most disturbing video on the web 2009-01-14
what is the most barbaric?
Favorite pet 2009-01-18
Favorite pet
Would you take more polls for cash? 2009-07-14
You currently take polls just for fun on Mister Poll, but what if you could earn cash and other r...
Poll Box 2009-09-07
Poll Box
Does anybody use misterpoll anymore? 2009-09-15
Just wondering if people actually use this thing.
Who is the coolest isketch user? 2009-12-11
Who is the coolest isketch user?
Internet 2010-03-11
internet usage in daily life 2011-01-02
internet usage in daily life
What do you like doing on the internet? 2011-02-23
What do you like doing on the internet?
How much do you download? 2012-02-13
How much do you download in a month.