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Which pony is the best pony? 2012-07-30
Title says it all.
How many times (on average) per day do you access the FaceBook homepage? 2014-05-21
How many times (on average) per day do you access the FaceBook homepage?
harry potter duels 2014-11-04
Would you use Tradey.com? 2015-08-18
With Tradey.com you can find and follow proven stock market traders.
Who has the best polling site? 2015-08-31
Trying to determine how users feel about misterpoll.
webpage design review (honest replies only) 2015-12-29
I have a website (sg-doctors.com), only the main page of the website is done. But I want opinions...
Pay For Napster 2001-05-16
There has been a rumor that Napster will start charging for MP3 files downloaded from this popula...
Instant messenger programs 2001-12-12
Which instant messenger program is your favorite?
Working hard II 2002-01-22
Things people do other then work
Who Spends More Time Online, Males OR Females? 2002-02-14
What gender do you believe spends more time surfing the web, males or females? Let's find out!
Best Browser ? 2002-04-15
Who`s winning the browser war?
not enough games on the internet 2002-06-03
theres not enough online games on the internet.i want to know who else backs meup
Who takes initiative in a chat room? 2002-08-26
When you meet people on a chat room, Who start conversation most times? Male or female?
I Like Polls 2002-09-16
Do you like polls? If so this is the place to be.
Cable connection 2003-01-27
How would you rate your cable connection
online activities 2003-06-25
i would like to measure how we divide our time between different online activities.
The web 2003-08-18
I would like to know some you opinion and more about the net
Have You Ever Made A Web Site For Your Self 2003-10-07
I Can Bulild you a web site.
ISP Type 2003-12-05
We're trying to get some sense of what percentage of Mark Twain's community of students and staff...
Gender and technology in today's society 2003-12-08
I am working on a final paper for an English class on gender awareness or the lack thereof in tod...
Be honest, has anyone ever made any money on e-bay? 2004-07-06
The truth about E-bay auctions and Earning money
What you Got? 2005-01-18
What kind of connection
Your Favorite Search Engines 2005-02-24
There are many search engines and multiplesearch engines. In addition to the favorites, are ther...
Using Flash in Websites 2005-03-16
Do you like flash? Do you think it´s a good tool in websites?
Favorite Red vs Blue character 2005-05-09
This poll is just too see who is the best RvB character