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Kukook Resumes 2017-05-30
Kukook creates creative resume templates for Microsoft word for customers who need to gain instan...
SpyderDan's Hottest Female Voting Booth 1999-06-30
Come here to select who you think is the hottest female on the web!
The Internet and sex! 2003-07-29
Just a general poll.
Graffiti - Art vs Vandalism 2005-07-08
To determine to what extent graffiti is Vandalism
ADDICTED TO MR. POLL! 2008-03-08
OK, all you poll takers. You are HERE either out of curiosity, or you are simply ADDICTED! Here...
Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt 2011-10-13
questions about them.
Which Websites... 2014-08-13
Poll about websites and this thing called the internet!
SEO Agency Toronto 2016-09-22
Clear Solid is one among the top digital SEO agencies in Toronto, offering search engine optimiza...
Cloud Hosting 2016-10-23
For turning a business into IT cloud, you must hire a cloud hosting firm that also has a certifie...
MSN Chat shutdown 2003-10-02
This poll was created to gauge the reaction from people after MSN decided to shutdown its chat se...
Mike's Poll 2004-01-28
Umm...its about stuff.
The Internet and Inappropriate Content 2006-08-03
This poll helps to verify people's interests in pornography
Search engines 2007-01-20
This poll is to see which search engines people use on the internet. This only general search eng...
Wikipedia 2007-02-05
Just a poll about Wikipedia.
How accurate are poll results 2007-12-27
I think some users are voting numerous times maybe on different computers or with different names...
Voting on other people's polls. 2008-05-03
Voting on other people's polls.
Have you ever been cyber-bullied? 2008-09-04
read description. HONEST ANSWERS ONLY please.
what is the grossest and most disturbing video on the web 2009-01-14
what is the most barbaric?
Would you take more polls for cash? 2009-07-14
You currently take polls just for fun on Mister Poll, but what if you could earn cash and other r...
what is the best webdesign forum? 2010-01-25
this is just a quick experiment to see what you think
2010 iSketch Users 2010-05-02
2010's most delicious iSketch user. Vote for yours now!
Your choices in entertainment 2010-09-30
This survey is intended to gather information regarding current audience trends in the entertainm...
What will happen to CWC? 2012-02-03
How much do you download? 2012-02-13
How much do you download in a month.
Facebook and Poetry 2012-05-23
Facebook and Poetry