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Social Media "Challenges" - How far is too far? - Your experiences 2016-02-17
Over the last few years, "challenges" have been making the rounds on Facebook, and with...
Pro-Anorexia/Wannarexia 2009-05-03
Detailed survey for those who visit "Pro-Anorexia" or "Pro-Ana" websites and ...
Detailed Internet Chat Poll (created June 2013) 2013-06-24
There is an existing Detailed Internet Chat Poll. But now, almost exactly 10 years from the day t...
How Would You Tickle Me? 2014-03-03
Hello, I'm 14 years old girl named Glitter. I absolutely love reading tickle stories and being ti...
Outwar Stuff 2004-12-28
Just a random ow poll
Gamespot vs. IGN 2006-05-30
Which rating site is better?
photos for social sites 2009-10-11
With the explosion of social sites on the Web, one has to wonder just how one should make use of ...
Do you use Tumblr? 2013-09-23
This is a poll for guys who use Tumblr. If you don't know what it is, go to another poll. No ...
Pornography On Line 2000-03-27
It's everywhere. How do you feel about it? Should it be restricted?
Who is the hottest women super hero? 2004-11-05
Some comic book and tv characters are really hot, who do you think the hottest female super heros...
A magical poll 2010-03-03
for CyberMagic Role players
Illegal search acronyms. 2012-02-13
I'm trying to determine what percentage of Internet users are aware what these acronyms mean. It'...
Creepypasta battle Royal 2015-07-22
Just wondering for all Creepypasta Fans who would win in a fights Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack o...
sole challenge 2016-07-22
for sole4souls I do a challenge waarbi I have to put a picture on social media and must donate a ...
pornography 2005-05-31
this poll is about pornography
Favorite Misterpoll Topics 2011-06-26
What topics do you like to do polls about on this website? pick all that apply
Would you rather? 2013-08-26
Would you rather........
Is Mister Poll out of order? 2014-03-11
From your personal experience: Is Mr Poll out of order? Which of the following features do sti...
The Internet and sex! 2003-07-29
Just a general poll.
Graffiti - Art vs Vandalism 2005-07-08
To determine to what extent graffiti is Vandalism
Ladies: Posting Your Pictures Online 2005-11-07
This poll is looking to understand women's preferences in posting their pictures online.
ADDICTED TO MR. POLL! 2008-03-08
OK, all you poll takers. You are HERE either out of curiosity, or you are simply ADDICTED! Here...
Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt 2011-10-13
questions about them.
Which Websites... 2014-08-13
Poll about websites and this thing called the internet!
Serviced Cloud 2017-05-25
Serviced Cloud specializes in providing online backup solutions to match the varying needs of dif...