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Bing or Google 2017-04-24
which do you prefer Bing or Google
socks 2012-03-13
this is a poll about differnt type of socks for differnt type of situations
Bet I can make you and me run to the bathroom! (Girls only!) 2016-09-16
Hello, and if you have to pee, take this quiz. I have to pee desperately while writing this and I...
sister beats brother 2014-02-19
im 16 and i have a 12 year old sister. she challenged me to a wrestling match and since she was a...
wedgie punishment(female) 2014-04-28
wedgie punishment(female)
Guys 13-18 Porn 2015-08-24
Just wondering what's popular
Sexting 2009-03-11
Sexting is a recent phenominon fast gaining popularity. What are your views and experiences on t...
Death Battle Ideas 2 2016-11-17
So last August, I made a poll called Death Battle Ideas where ScrewAttack fans could vote on who ...
Final Poll-Females only 2016-04-23
Due to changes in Mr. Poll I will not be doing any other polls. Click my name and my previous pol...
sleeping In socks 2010-01-14
How many people sleep in socks. As for the people who do sleep socks do you sleep in socks at a s...
Webcams and messaging on the internet 2009-03-11
All about webcams and messaging.
Search Engine Quiz 2010-11-20
Out of the four listed search engines, choose the one you like best, and then answer some questio...
Eating shit 2013-10-14
For people who love it!
Cars - Muscle vs Import 2015-02-09
Muscle Cars vs Import, what's better?
Online dating 2015-05-07
Poll about your experience and opinions of dating on the internet.
Undernet Survey 1999-12-24
Do you want to express your opinion about the undernet servers? The opers? X and W? Which is the ...
Best Name 2016-04-23
Best Name
Death Battle Ideas 2015-08-17
Wiz and Boomstick have been making Death Battles for quite some time now and a bunch of our favor...
In Jail? 2008-07-08
Some of my friends and I watched a prison movie on the internet and wondered how much it is reall...
Do you like CreepyPastas 2015-09-16
I watch CreepyPastas all the time I'm subbed on youtube and keep watching them.
have you ever had cyrbesex ?? 2001-04-17
Ladies: Posting Your Pictures Online 2005-11-07
This poll is looking to understand women's preferences in posting their pictures online.
Do you use Snapchat? 2013-09-27
This is a poll for people who use Snapchat.
Types of Websites 2001-11-21
What kinds of websites do you usually visit?
Detailed Internet Chat Poll (created June 2013) 2013-06-24
There is an existing Detailed Internet Chat Poll. But now, almost exactly 10 years from the day t...