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nigahiga ,fred or smosh? 2009-03-11
for those who know the top 3 most subscribed youtube chanells
Search Engine Quiz 2010-11-20
Out of the four listed search engines, choose the one you like best, and then answer some questio...
Favorite Misterpoll Topics 2011-06-26
What topics do you like to do polls about on this website? pick all that apply
The YouTube Poll 2007-06-09
The YouTube poll
Internet access 2008-12-19
Do you think that having internet access avaliable to everyone is a good thing are there too man...
January/February 2010 Bonanza Block Party POLL 2009-12-12 (closed)
Vote for the official date of the next Bonanza Block Party! Registration is required to prevent ...
How Would You Tickle Me? 2014-03-03
Hello, I'm 14 years old girl named Glitter. I absolutely love reading tickle stories and being ti...
Best Browser ? 2002-04-15
Who`s winning the browser war?
The Internet and sex! 2003-07-29
Just a general poll.
Poll to Study the Effects of Layout-Cohesive Advertising on the User 2008-05-22
In this poll (which will be part of a larger article hopefully to be published in the webdesigner...
Runescape 2008-09-29
runescape, world of warcraft, club penguin, lineage ii or neopets
The BIG Questions About Search Engines 2008-12-29
You know you want to know about everyone elses views on these questions, don't lie :)
Privacy and social networking 2009-02-04 (closed)
We are the Social Media Forum, and we want to talk about the effect social media and web 2.0 have...
What Do You Think Of Youtube 2009-04-28
Find Out What People Like You Think Of The Networking Site Youtube.Com
What is More Unpopular? 2009-10-17
A poll to determine the least popular thing on the Net
MySpace vs Facebook vs Twitter 2010-07-16
Which is your favorite social networking site?
WZW Greatest of All Time (2002-2010) ROUND 1 2010-10-17 (closed)
Tournament to determine who is the best wrestler in WZW History. This is ROUND ONE.
What Social Network do you use Most? 2011-02-10
What social network do you use most?
Cars - Muscle vs Import 2015-02-09
Muscle Cars vs Import, what's better?
Yahoo VS MSN 2005-01-11
It is a pol that explains whose the better email address
Misterpoll members poll 2005-04-24
A poll for those who have signed up on misterpoll
Cyber Bullying Research 2010-07-18
This is for some research on cyber bullying. Please take time to answer the questions below. To ...
Are You A Google Maniac? 2004-04-22
Google has become one of, if not the largest search engines on the net. Millions of people use it...
Countries 2004-07-02
Hi i just wanna find out which nationalities use this website the most. Oh yeah and im English cu...
Ebay vs Craigslist vs Amazon vs Your Own Site 2008-05-22
which method do you prefer to use for buying and selling your goods?