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Ninja Poll 135: Txt Language 2008-06-19
Ninja Poll 135: Txt Language
popular sites 2009-01-21
i just am dying to know what do people think is the better site?
Talk with Taj Show 2009-08-25
Describe your interview experience with Taj Longino
Operating Systems 2010-03-28
People use all different operating systems. Most people use Windows XP others use Windows Vista,...
what is the grossest and most disturbing video on the web 2009-01-14
what is the most barbaric?
Who is the coolest isketch user? 2009-12-11
Who is the coolest isketch user?
Internet 2010-03-11
Hate Tag or No? 2013-04-04
How should we deal with hateful confessions on our blog?
Flash or non-Flash Websites? 2008-04-22
The Synote project ( http://www.synote.ecs.soton.ac.uk/ ) is creating a Web 2.0 style application...
THE LONGEST POLL EVER!!!!!! 2008-06-13
What do you want from Xoops? 2009-04-13 (closed)
This poll is aimed at better understand your needs when it best comes to Xoops.
Facebook.com 2009-10-26 (closed)
Facebook.com is network site such as myspace.com & tagged.com
sonic the hedgehog poll :) 2010-04-22
Social Networking 2009-07-03
Poll on the usage of social networking sites e.g. facebook and myspace
Internet and you 2009-12-23 (closed)
This poll is made to research why people use the internet, what for, and how much time they spend...
Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter 2010-03-27
Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter
What Web Browser do you use on your computer? 2012-11-19
What Web Browser do you use on your computer?
Instant Messaging Survey 2007-04-19
The use of IM porgrams and their effects on real-life social networks.
Cyber Bully Research 2009-02-10 (closed)
This is a little survey on cyber-bullying. If you have not been cyber-bullied, please press the &...
nigahiga ,fred or smosh? 2009-03-11
for those who know the top 3 most subscribed youtube chanells
Facebook 2010-03-09
Search Engine Quiz 2010-11-20
Out of the four listed search engines, choose the one you like best, and then answer some questio...
The YouTube Poll 2007-06-09
The YouTube poll
Internet access 2008-12-19
Do you think that having internet access avaliable to everyone is a good thing are there too man...
January/February 2010 Bonanza Block Party POLL 2009-12-12 (closed)
Vote for the official date of the next Bonanza Block Party! Registration is required to prevent ...