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Best Music Download Site 2001-11-09
Which one is the best?
Website Name 2008-03-06
This is an online poll for people to vote on the name of the webiste that jeremy and hops will be...
adik poll 2008-10-04 (closed)
Adikz just wanna have fun
favorite web browser 2009-08-23 (closed)
favorite web browser
Ninja Poll 129: Misterpoll Uncensored 2008-06-04
$*£@ me!
PHP5 Zendframework VS Ruby on Rails 2009-01-21
would you rather use PHP-ZF or RoR and why?
Nonsensible Money! 2010-06-09
Did you know that most investments and savings products cost too much, underperform, and expose y...
Your choices in entertainment 2010-09-30
This survey is intended to gather information regarding current audience trends in the entertainm...
Favorite Red vs Blue character 2005-05-09
This poll is just too see who is the best RvB character
Survey about Website Prices 2009-03-28
Survey about Website Prices
photos for social sites 2009-10-11
With the explosion of social sites on the Web, one has to wonder just how one should make use of ...
YouTube Videos 2010-01-28 (closed)
I recently got a YouTube channel, and I would like to post some videos up on it every once in a w...
Illegal search acronyms. 2012-02-13
I'm trying to determine what percentage of Internet users are aware what these acronyms mean. It'...
Favorite YouTube Person 2008-11-14
Favorite YouTube Person
Facebook vs Twitter 2010-12-08 (closed)
These two cyber playgrounds are having a showdown.
Smart Phone Survey 2013-02-11
I need quantitative data (statistics) in order to find out a good price for a Smartphone and serv...
In a street fight to the death, who would win? 2009-01-03 (closed)
tiger woods 6'3" 185 tyler hansborough 6'9" 225 (aka Psycho T)
GeeeMac..Vs..MiztaFlinzstone 2010-09-12 (closed)
Which name is best for a formspring account? YOU DECIDE!!
Which pony is the best pony? 2012-07-30
Title says it all.
Ninja Poll 134: Do you always tell the truth in polls? 2008-06-19
Ninja Poll 134: Do you always tell the truth in polls?
Ninja Poll 152: Quotes for T-shirts 2008-11-04
Pick your favourite Quotes! This will just see what quotes are funnier. Thanks for taking my ninj...
popular sites 2009-01-21
i just am dying to know what do people think is the better site?
Will a new race be hinted at or involved in CR? 2010-03-03 (closed)
Will a new race be hinted at or involved in CR?
Wikipedia 2007-02-05
Just a poll about Wikipedia.
miniclip good or bad? 2007-08-04
I would like to know how many people like miniclip and how many dont