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Types of Websites 2001-11-21
What kinds of websites do you usually visit?
pornography 2005-05-25
this poll is about pornography
Who is the Hunkiest iSketcher? 2008-06-22
The name says it all, dollface.
myspace vs facebook 2009-05-11
myspace vs facebook
What do you use social networking sites for? 2011-05-10
What do you use social networking sites for?
Browser survey 2012-07-10
Browser preference.
You Tube 2007-08-08
I have noticed that many individuals giving their opinions at you tube, cannot do so without usin...
Attack on Scientology's website 2008-01-22
Wikinews has learned that the Church of Scientology's website is being attacked by hackers, causi...
Emerging Ways of Marketing in Pakistan 2009-11-22
Emerging Ways of Marketing in Pakistan
Preferred programs 2008-01-31
Email, browser, etc.
What kind of free online service would you use? 2011-06-22 (closed)
What kind of free online service would you use?
Pornography On Line 2000-03-27
It's everywhere. How do you feel about it? Should it be restricted?
General Research about User Reviews on Social Networking Domains:- 2009-04-27 (closed)
Dear Friends, We are conducting a survey about user review analysis on Social Networking ...
Graffiti - Art vs Vandalism 2005-07-08
To determine to what extent graffiti is Vandalism
Next Contest 2010-11-11 (closed)
You will get to chose what our site's next contest should be! Prizes and all will be given to the...
MySpace- Good or Bad? 2006-03-15
Here you can decide about MySpace...is it good or bad?
have you ever had cyrbesex ?? 2001-04-17
Blackninja133 Poll#19: Wikipedia 2008-02-15
Blackninja133 Poll#19: Wikipedia
What do you use more? Facebook or Myspace? 2007-10-02
I've been on Myspace for a while but about a week ago I got a Facebook. I'd like to know? Which i...
Misterpoll Survey & Opinions 2006-06-06
Just thought I'd make a poll about how you all find the site!!
Do you parents read your email? 2008-12-15
I'm just curious how many parents do. I feel like it's an invasion of privacy, personally. Please...
This survey will be used in an article I am writing for a class of mine about Facebook addiction ...
Undernet Survey 1999-12-24
Do you want to express your opinion about the undernet servers? The opers? X and W? Which is the ...
Big Questions 2000-11-10
Maybe not SO big, but important enough, I suppose. My very first <u>serious</u> poll,...
Internet, Porn and Censorship 2001-10-19
The purpose of this project is to statistically analyze the difference of male and female perspec...