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Which should be the title for my first YouTube comedy special? 2009-10-14 (closed)
I'm planning to do a YouTube comedy special plus put it on DVD. I've got so many great titles for...
Net Neutrality 2009-11-10 (closed)
Should Net neutrality be Implemented
Sinong gusto mong maging PBB double up big winner 2009-12-08
To know your thoughts by viewing PBB, now it's your time to speak in which you would choose the b...
The poll to end all polls. 2010-03-21 (closed)
The very bestest poll in the known informaverse.
Weekly Update Use: 2010-04-24 (closed)
This is 1 question, for Weekly Updateness!
UXtalk Subjects 2010-05-29
UXtalk Subjects
Plastic bottles & Packaging 2010-10-09 (closed)
Making people aware of the severe detriment to our world using plastic bottles, wrap and bubble p...
Pal Survey 2011-01-02 (closed)
Pal survey for the year ending 2010
New Ads 2011-02-14 (closed)
New Ads
Internet Privacy 2011-03-12 (closed)
Internet Privacy
what filehosts use for your files uploads? 2012-01-30
after megaupload closed and filesonic fileserve and others get down what filehosts you use for up...
What do you know about Identity Theft? 2012-02-27
What do you know about Identity Theft?
what would you like to see? 2012-03-02
what would you like to see?
Should Barry be a Eternal Online [GM/PM] 2012-03-26
Should Barry be a Eternal Online [GM/PM]
Who Should Be The Duct Tape King or Queen of 2012? 2012-05-29 (closed)
As seen on YouTube and blogspot. Vote for the boy most likely to be king of duct tape and vote fo...
Logam Mulia Polling 2012-08-10 (closed)
Polling order online
sss 2013-02-19
Your Overall Experience :) 2013-07-15 (closed)
This poll is created in order receive a valued feedback from my customers who have purchased font...
Saving a trip on a transit site 2014-03-07
Saving a trip on a transit site