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sites and other stuff 2007-08-06
I will add some things to this poll so it can be good
Video Poll 4: The most disturbing (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-04
Ok, last week it was Prank video, but now it's stuff that's actually quite disturbing in ways. No...
Vector Love Contest Design Poll 2008-08-07 (closed)
Vote now on your favorite design.
Do you believe it? 2008-10-14 (closed)
A sales website says: ”product is sold from Producer to consumer directly without middleman, so...
2knowNlearn ? 2009-02-15
2knowNlearn ?
Top Producer Formula 2009-03-07
Top Producer Formula
Runescape players only 2009-03-07 (closed)
Which is better??? Be sure to read the question thoroughly as it might call for variations.
Lawl-Mart Fight! 2009-05-02
A poll for a YouTube video about what is in a bottle.
who's a cooler charecter 2009-10-11
wich one of kiwi's charecters is da coolist
what kind of keyboard do you use? 2009-10-11 (closed)
I know 3 keyboards: QWERTY DVORAK & AZERTY
MAC OR PC?! 2010-03-28 (closed)
Annoying admin jobs 2010-04-02 (closed)
Do you have admin tasks that you regularly put off or leave until the last minute to complete? W...
What would like to buy from my online shop? 2010-08-20 (closed)
What would like to buy from my online shop?
Second chance at Life 2010-10-16 (closed)
What Do You Look For in a E Commerce Website Store 2010-12-06
<p>I am looking for the opinions of the general public to assist me with building an e comm...
Best name for Website (Social Networking/Community) 2010-12-15 (closed)
Best name for Website (Social Networking/Community)
Which is better? 2011-07-26 (closed)
Which is better?
John D. Wells Tech Survey 2011-12-13 (closed)
Survey to students regarding technology
Tengaged Survey 2012-01-16
This is only for the users of tengaged.
Language Lesson with Skype 2012-09-04
I'm wondering how much you would pay for a professional language lesson on Skype in any language,...
What you want us to do on instagram 2013-04-04
What you want us to do on instagram
ResultFirst: Effective & Efficient Search Engine Optimization Services Provider 2014-05-05
ResultFirst.com, An eminent provider of digital marketing services specializes in search engine o...
harry potter duels 2014-11-04
MisterPoll Merchandise 2001-11-09
At the request of our users, we have recently started selling MisterPoll merchandise, such as T-s...
Misterpoll's "reviewed" directory 2001-11-09
The old directory was HUGE and unruly, but the new directory might not contain polls that may be ...