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Lying on the Internet Research 2009-06-05
Please be 100% truthful - remember this is anonymous.
Facebook Poll 2011-04-22
Facebook Poll
Online Polls 2012-02-07
Do you believe internet polls are correct?
Male Underwear Online Shopping Habits 2008-07-23 (closed)
This poll explores what the shopping habits of men and women who purchase men's underwear online.
Are YOU addicted to YouTube? 2007-07-03
I am one of many YouTube addicts out there!!! Are you?
/int/'s 2nd official language - penultimate runoff 2013-10-08
Based on the 1st poll, here are the most popular languages to be considered.
wedgie punishment(female) 2014-04-28
wedgie punishment(female)
Spelling and Grammar Online 2008-03-04
When I was in middle school, i wuld talk lyk dis on AIM. As a I grew older, I started having mor...
In Jail? 2008-07-08
Some of my friends and I watched a prison movie on the internet and wondered how much it is reall...
Foursquare Indonesia 2011-01-10 (closed)
Profil pengguna Foursquare di Indonesia
sister beats brother 2014-02-19
im 16 and i have a 12 year old sister. she challenged me to a wrestling match and since she was a...
Youth and Technology 2011-08-06
i am studying the bachelor of youth work. I am writing an assignment on the effects of techno...
Web Cam For Pre-Teens 2009-03-28 (closed)
With the incredible popularity of web cams these days, my two girls (7 and 8) just had to have on...
Toontown 2007-03-06
This is for everyone who plays toontown, the best online game ever!!!
"To be legal, or not be legal" - A Poll About Music Downloading 2012-01-23
All this SOPA and PIPA talk has got me thinking: OBVIOUSLY the entertainment industry is not hurt...
Who is the better website 2013-02-14
Who is the better website
Internet Acronym Pronounciation 2008-10-23
A poll about how you would pronounce Internet acronyms (I know that some of you don't pronounce t...
The Best Bittorrent Client 2005-08-03
Bittorent clients, like bitcomet etc
Use of Social Media 2008-11-07 (closed)
Use of Social Media
Club Penguin 2007-08-18
This is just a poll about club penguin!
ADDICTED TO MR. POLL! 2008-03-08
OK, all you poll takers. You are HERE either out of curiosity, or you are simply ADDICTED! Here...
Stats Exam 2015-05-04 (closed)
Stats Exam
Avatar Size 2008-06-02
Avatar Size
Who is the Hunkiest iSketcher? 2008-06-22
The name says it all, dollface.
myspace vs facebook 2009-05-11
myspace vs facebook