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Are people ready to own wireless home networks? 2002-04-09
Hi everyone I am doing a research report on Wireless Home Networking and hope you can spare some ...
EBay Auctions 2002-09-04
This poll will examine your EBay usage.
Best Istant Chat 2002-10-17
What is the best instant chat? You decide!
Have you ever visited a News website? 2002-10-28
Have you ever visited a News website or tabloid/paper website!
Are you oppssessed with AIM/AOL 2002-11-14
This poll is to tell wether or not you loooove AIM/AOL or not.
Background Color 2003-01-15
Those who surf a lot have their favorite colors.<a href="http://geocities.com/toktosunov&...
Who is your favorite Internet Service Provider(ISP) 2003-05-28
Please vote so the world will know who is the best internet service. No one will know who you vot...
Internet Business Major 2004-11-05
Would you be interested in majoring in Internet Business if it was offered?
Which domain name do you like? 2006-03-06
I am looking to buy a domain name instead of using a temporary URL to my server. And I want some ...
Favorite Color for an Oekaki Template! 2006-07-07
I'm taking a poll to give me ideas for my Oekaki's next template!
How many 2007-01-09
How many members does Mister Vote have
Ninja Poll 101: A new Generation of polls 2008-05-16
What do you think of the last 100 polls? Seriously?
Ninja Poll 121: Your Blogs 2008-05-24
Ninja Poll 121: Your Blogs
Ninja Poll 126: Subscribers 2008-06-02
Subsribing to Pollsters has been an idea on Misterpoll for a while now, and I'm just curious of w...
Who is the hottest guy on myspace high school forums? 2008-06-07
Who is the hottest guy on myspace high school forums?
Have you made money online. 2008-07-22
I am trying to find a way to build an income online, and I was wondering if you have done so, and...
Internet Advertising 2008-12-04 (closed)
Advertisers spend billions on internet ads. This is a quick poll to asses internet users opinions...
Which website do you use to share blog posts or news? 2009-03-02
The name says it all.
best poll site 2009-04-27 (closed)
Which is your favorite internet polling site?
Widget Survey 2009-07-17
Widget Survey
Unisex? Or no unisex? 2009-08-11
Unisex? Or no unisex?
vote for ys jagan 2009-10-03
vote for ys jagan
Which Website names sounds better 2009-12-12 (closed)
Which Website names sounds better
How do you like the new facebook layout? 2010-02-05
So Facebook changed its layout i got a sneak preview last week and it looks alot different. Every...
do u mind english grammar in misterpoll ? 2010-03-16 (closed)
do u mind english grammar in misterpoll ?