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Participating in internet polls 2007-12-30 (closed)
Do you ever participate in internet polls?
Which blog service out of the following, or combo thereof is the best? 2008-01-05
Which blog service out of the following, or combo thereof is the best for my needs? I don't ha...
internet cafe 2008-03-06
what you use internet cafe, and should they block website.
Ninja Poll 112: Why do you make polls? 2008-05-22
Why does one come onto Misterpoll and make such polls? Is it just Curiosity, or is it something m...
Ninja Poll 131: Editors Choice 2008-06-19
Ninja Poll 131: Editors Choice
What Do You Think Of This Web Site danniigurl.googlepages.com/game 2008-08-04
What Do You Think Of This Web Site danniigurl.googlepages.com/game
Do you use Twitter? 2008-09-29 (closed)
Twitter is a social networking service that thrives off the exchange of quick, frequent messages,...
Webkinz 2008-11-16 (closed)
What women want 2009-04-28 (closed)
This poll is to all the women in the world the internet now days is the way to shop, but we woul...
Internet Business 2009-05-21 (closed)
To determine if people feel this is a good time to start a business that is based on the internet.
To Pay or Not to Pay 2009-08-03 (closed)
Would you pay $1 to watch a crazy live streaming of someone doing something crazy like eating a h...
Do You Believe in Sub 4 Sub? 2009-08-31
Sub 4 Sub? Hate it or Love it?
Industrial Survey Management System 2010-01-06 (closed)
A study of methodology of industrial survey management system for central statistics office.
Aging Internet 2010-02-15
Questions about the Internet mainly before the year 2000
Outro Video 2010-03-09
Outro Video
Social Networking Portal 2010-04-08
Social Networking Portal
Time Spent on the Internet 2011-01-07 (closed)
How much time do you use on the internet on a daily basis?
Typing online 2013-06-24
This poll is about how you type (use capitals or punctuation or not) in different online environm...
Would you use Tradey.com? 2015-08-18
With Tradey.com you can find and follow proven stock market traders.
Social Media "Challenges" - How far is too far? - Your experiences 2016-02-17
Over the last few years, "challenges" have been making the rounds on Facebook, and with...
Instant messenger programs 2001-12-12
Which instant messenger program is your favorite?
The Polls on this site 2001-12-12
This is a very simple poll on... polls.
Friends & the Internet 2003-05-07
This is a little poll to see about friends and the internet.
geeky ness 2003-06-25
Are you a member of the cyber elite....find out now.
AIM Buddies 2003-07-16
See how popular you are on the internet.