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Who had the biggest outburst? 2009-09-15 (closed)
Who had the biggest outburst in the past week?
Best Username 2009-09-22
I'm having trouble picking a username.
Black or white website backgrounds 2010-02-13 (closed)
Do you prefer to browse internet pages with a black or dark background, or the more commonly used...
Joining YouTube 2010-11-30 (closed)
What year did u join YouTube???
Do you have an unprotected Wi-Fi network? 2011-09-20
Do you have an unprotected Wi-Fi network?
Social Media 2012-04-10
What are you looking for in a social media site?
When will the iPhone 5 come out? 2012-07-11
When will Apple finally release the iPhone 5?
Do you like facial hair on a man 2013-08-01
A poll me and my friend are doing to decide if his facial hair beats my none facial hair
Social media experiment 2014-03-17
I'm using the percentages from this poll for a health project and I need to gather information. Y...
Would you rather go to a dance, or a party? 2014-04-14
Would you rather go to a dance, or a party?
SEO Company in Toronto 2017-02-01
Improve your website rankings on search engines through our SEO services. Clear Solid is top <...
search websites 2001-12-18
this is a 1 way question. its a compatition between 2 sites :)
Are search engines unorganized? 2002-01-14
I've noticed search engines have no particular order to their results.
Popup Ads: A pain in the *beep* or...a...very good thing...? 2002-02-18
Are you driven crazy by popup ads? Well?
Deaf and Hearing Online Dating 2002-07-19
I'm doing a study for a summer class, and I would love your help. I'm trying to find the habit...
Size and Range of Stores 2003-02-21
"Range" is defined as the maximum distance people are willing to travel in order to get...
Chatrooms 2003-11-04
Travelling 2004-07-07
Do you like travelling?
Most E-Commerce software is designed to keep your personal sensitive information such as credit c...
Chat, Internet and U 2006-01-15
Nowadays everyone is chating making friend around the globe, what do u think about it?
MYSPACE 2006-06-09
MYSPACE here to stay? going away?
Live Wire 2006-07-01
Have you ever heard of Live wire? It is a really cool site that you can go on to get support, mak...
MisterPoll vs. Voote.com 2006-08-05
They are both online polling websites. Which do you think is better
A Poll about Polls on Misterpoll 2006-12-02
it's all in the title
Participating in internet polls 2007-12-30 (closed)
Do you ever participate in internet polls?