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Napster, Should It Be Banned? 2000-12-13
I dont think it should be banned, but artist think it shoulf be. Why do you think Napster should ...
Let Me Steal Your Kisses 2001-05-11
I want to know about the visitors to my homepage. The questions are not intended to be biased. If...
AOL why does it suck 2002-01-14
this my 5th poll its about AOL and why it sucks
Working hard II 2002-01-22
Things people do other then work
What Email Server? 2003-07-25
I'm just wondering what email server is better and which one is not.
Have You Ever Made A Web Site For Your Self 2003-10-07
I Can Bulild you a web site.
Feel Safe Using eBay? 2004-04-30
A Brief Survey about how users feel about the security of eBay.
Internet 2004-08-30
The Internet is used in a lot of ways. How about you?
your mail 2004-11-10
this poll to know which e-mail is more used
Customer behaviour on the Internet 2004-11-22
This poll is part of my diploma so i would really appreciate it if you filled it in. Thanks in ad...
Internet Shopping 2005-02-04
This is a survey to determine how many users like Internet shopping.
Using Flash in Websites 2005-03-16
Do you like flash? Do you think it´s a good tool in websites?
IM ME 2005-11-09
You can chat with your friends but only if your friends use the same program as you do.
What do you catch in your interNET? 2005-11-15
People browse the internet for a million different reasons, but what reason would define YOU?
How fast is fast enough to name it broadband? 2005-11-21
In your opinion, how fast should be internet connection to qualify as broadband?
Does Myspace = LIFE? 2006-04-03
So please tell me, do you believe everything that you read on someones profile? yes or no Myspace...
Internet Services 2006-04-19
Poll for all kinds of Internet Services you know. OR just see the results to know more about va...
you tube vs my space 2006-06-12
BOF (Batman-on-Film): Are your pro, or anit? 2006-11-19
Batman-on-Film.com is a website that is considered by many to be the ultimate Batman site, but in...
Myspace.. 2006-12-28
This asks questions about myspace..please be honest..
What Is the BEST internet parody/spoof ever? 2007-07-03
There are a lot of funny parodies/spoofs on the internet. But I want to know which one is the bes...
Online Survey Poll 2007-09-02
Do you believe that there is a relevance to online voting polls / surveys?
What about Webkinz? 2008-11-21 (closed)
This is a cool poll about Webkinz.
What do you think? 2008-12-03
Do you think I should change the name of the site? It's up to you guys!
Should all websites be built? 2009-02-04
Should all websites be built?