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Zulu Hotel Un-Official 2001-10-24
ZH Un-Official was created for the community of ZhC, and will provide every ingame info needed to...
How fast is your internet speed? 2002-06-22
Bandwith speed
Who takes initiative in a chat room? 2002-08-26
When you meet people on a chat room, Who start conversation most times? Male or female?
online activities 2003-06-25
i would like to measure how we divide our time between different online activities.
GMail 2004-07-06
Questions about GMail, for anyone who has an account. Note; this poll isn't official, and is not ...
Be honest, has anyone ever made any money on e-bay? 2004-07-06
The truth about E-bay auctions and Earning money
Technology 2004-10-26
This Poll is for a Social Studies Project
What you Got? 2005-01-18
What kind of connection
Pop-up Ads :( 2005-05-21
This is a poll to see what people think of pop-up ads.
Neopets, Brushes&Colours 2005-10-19
All about the Neopets brushes and colours...
Gmail 2006-05-31
All of the Gmail users out there, how many of you like it? Please Respond
poll #1 2007-03-12
Ce domeniu credeti potrivit pentru blogul unei scoli ? 2008-01-05
The perfect domain extension for a blog of a school.
Blackninja133 Poll#96: New ideas from blackninja133! 2008-05-16
Are these good category suggestions? You decide! Also, if you have any of your own post them in t...
you and runescape 2008-11-04 (closed)
high deet low deet mem non mem
Poll Box 2009-09-07
Poll Box
Make a choice 2009-09-23
Make a choice
How many time do you Spend Twitter? 2010-01-11 (closed)
How much time do you spend on twitter? Via your PC, Iphobe, Blackberry or???
A copy of Wikipedia.org 2010-06-01
A copy of Wikipedia.org
New Website 2010-08-21 (closed)
I wanna make a website. Please help me to give opinion about your needs. Please answer it sincere...
What do you never type when you comment on a site (Youtube.facebook etc )? 2010-11-07
What do you never type when you comment on a site (Youtube.facebook etc )?
Graphic Entries! Please Vote! 2010-12-04 (closed)
Weekly, me and my friends have a graphic competition, where we each give eachother images and you...
Social Networking 2011-01-25
Your feelings about privacy and functionality on social networking sites.
Poll Self-Advertising Here On Mister Poll 2011-03-21
More and more Mister Poll users seems to be advertising their polls in the message areas of other...
SMART PHONES 2013-02-05
I want recent smart phone owners to take this survey to help me to determine what people are look...