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HotorNot ratings poll 2007-07-03
This poll is for users familiar with the website hotornot.com. I have found that the ratings o...
What will happen to CWC? 2012-02-03
Neopets Quiz 2006-11-16
Everyone knows what Neopets is right? It's a site where you can take care of pets, earn neopoints...
The BIG Questions about Social Internet Networks 2009-09-13
There is so much going on with the internet and social networking. This poll shows how much you u...
Should pinkunicorn123 return to the mfc? 2008-06-22 (closed)
So since my ban, which i think now would be unfair to go into details of, a lot of members have b...
Bet I can make you and me run to the bathroom! (Girls only!) 2016-09-16
Hello, and if you have to pee, take this quiz. I have to pee desperately while writing this and I...
WYSIWYG or HTML? 2010-07-26 (closed)
I'm conducting a poll for my case study where I'm trying to find out whether it's better for a c...
HTML Poll 2003-11-07
sleeping In socks 2010-01-14
How many people sleep in socks. As for the people who do sleep socks do you sleep in socks at a s...
Would you take more polls for cash? 2009-07-14
You currently take polls just for fun on Mister Poll, but what if you could earn cash and other r...
WZW Awards 2009 2009-12-12
Awards for the 2009 WZW Season yo.
pornography 2005-05-31
this poll is about pornography
Everything neopets! 2006-10-02
Do you like neopets? Are you addicted? Or did you just come here to make fun of neopets? Whatever...
Moblie me too expensive? 2008-06-16
Moblie me too expensive?
Google vs. Yahoo 2014-01-07
Google vs. Yahoo
2010 iSketch Users 2010-05-02
2010's most delicious iSketch user. Vote for yours now!
How many seconds is too long for a web page to load? 2008-06-16
How many seconds is too long for a web page to load? What is the longest time you are willing ...
FFA Award Show 2009! 2009-12-20 (closed)
Its that time of year agairn... time for lots of best of 2009 stuffings
Imagine a life without the Internet. 2010-12-21 (closed)
Could you imagine the world without the internet? Think about it no more hassal no more cyber bu...
How many tabs are open right now in your web browser? 2008-05-16 (closed)
How many tabs are open right now in your web browser?
which wow class do you think is better 2007-07-21
me and my friend keep fighting about which class is better in world of warcraft.please help us
Screamer Flashes (A.K.A. Prank, Sabotage) 2006-08-09
Screamer Flashes are flash videos that are meant to startle the viewer by misleading them into wa...
BTN 2008-04-14
NeOpEtS vS. mIlSBeRrY 2006-07-17
YouTube vs. Facebook 2012-09-26
Who's better?