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Ebay Poll 2007-04-07
Do you buy anything off ebay?
IM Instant Messengers 2007-08-30
Are you an active user of any instant messenger?
#0\/\/ 1337 4/23 j00? 2008-02-08
/\ 7357 70 533 |-|0vv |_33+ 411 0/= j()|_| 123411j 4/23.
Mister Poll Poll 2008-02-15
Mister Poll Poll
Ninja Poll 120: What poll should I do? 2008-05-22
This poll asks you, the people, what I should do for my poll Ninja Poll 133. What should I do?
Evolution Of Dance Or Avril? 2008-07-22
at the time of this poll, Avril Lavigne's music video "Girlfriend" was within 100,000 v...
worst youtube personalities 2009-07-10 (closed)
worst youtube personalities
New name for website 2011-02-14 (closed)
Vote on a new name for the website
Best Name 2016-04-23
Best Name
Chit-Chat 2001-05-14
Chat : How do you feel about the whole chatting experience?
PopUps 2001-10-05
Do PopUp ads annoy you? Give me your opinion here!
Why do you respond to polls, seriously? 2001-10-26
I'm trying to figure out the popularity of web sites like this one
world wide web 2003-02-27
yow people! just wanna know your favorite websites...if yah wanna share your comments with me abo...
Internet 2003-06-05
A few questions about the Internet.
Monty Python website names 2005-07-14
I am in the process of creating a website about Monty Python, and I would like some help in choos...
Do you dislike instant messaging? 2005-10-10
just wondering....
Make this world better 2007-07-25
Idea is to make this world better place by just doing a little effort on very ground level with f...
Peer 2 Peer Downloading. 2007-08-04
I'm trying to find out how many people have used P2P engines such as Limewire, Kazza, Frostwire, ...
How long have you been on the Internet looking for friends and lovers? 2008-04-08
Just a simple question for all the folks that have been there and done that.
Maine Rail Scanner Feed 2009-03-02 (closed)
Please let me know if the scanner feed is enjoyable for you, and offer any suggestions for improv...
What should I change my name too? 2009-03-28
What should I change my name too?
Internet 2009-12-11
New Chrome icon or old Chrome icon? 2011-06-18
Which do you prefer more, the old style Chrome logo which has the three dimensional look or the n...
The Best Phone! 2012-11-26
What do you think the best phone is?
SpyderDan's Hottest Female Voting Booth 1999-06-30
Come here to select who you think is the hottest female on the web!