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To Whom Do Your Base Belong? 2008-02-21
Ninja Poll 110: What is the deal with your username? 2008-05-22
You username is something you need to be happy with. So why on earth did you pick THAT one?
Would You Give Him Money 2008-07-05
I am going to ask the opinion of the nice people here. If a person makes videos of themselves doi...
Internet Polls 2008-08-30 (closed)
Would you ever participate in an internet poll?
Bring Back Polls? 2008-10-15
Bring Back Polls?
Favorite Search Machine 2008-11-09 (closed)
Favorite Search Machine
What's the best way to unblock facebook 2009-05-11
There is an article here: <a href="http://howtoviewprivatefacebookprofiles.com/facebook-t...
Birthday Gifts 2009-08-14
This poll has been created to determine how much you would be willing to spend on a close friend'...
Internet and myself 2009-12-21 (closed)
This poll is made to research why people use the internet, what for, and how much time they spend...
A New Dawn Breaking Awards May 2010 2010-05-02 (closed)
These are the awards for A New Dawn Breaking Awards May 2010. There is only 4 rules... 1. You a...
new town game 2010-09-27
new town game
internet usage in daily life 2011-01-02
internet usage in daily life
What Makes You Join a Social Network? 2011-01-22 (closed)
What Makes You Join a Social Network?
Countries 2014-03-24
What countries would you live in
Death Battle Ideas 2015-08-17
Wiz and Boomstick have been making Death Battles for quite some time now and a bunch of our favor...
Do you like CreepyPastas 2015-09-16
I watch CreepyPastas all the time I'm subbed on youtube and keep watching them.
SPAM 2001-12-06
We all get a mailbox full of it every day. Some with misleading subjects like "I missed you ...
internet usage 2001-12-13
hey everyone i am doing a research report on internet usage and was wondering if anyone could hel...
Who is sick of MisterPoll? 2002-04-09
I am so freaking sick of these damned polls, are you?
Internet browsing- Waste of time? 2004-02-17
It is a simple poll on Internet browsing.
Should eBay charge so much? 2004-10-04
Ebay do charge alot to list things. Should they charge more less or none at all? What do you th...
Internet Browsers 2006-01-12
Internet Explorer? Netscape? Which one?
Runescape membership status 2006-03-02
Here's our recent weekly poll:
LimeWire 2006-06-21
this poll is about the file sharing program limewire
Myspace 2006-08-14
Just wondering a few things about myspace people.