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Online Harrassment 2000-01-20
This is a survey to find out how many people have been a victim of online harrassment.
Just To See What People are Surfing The Internet! 2002-11-14
Thanks for Even try and look at this poll, Please tick one box below.
Certain Websites- Stupid or cool? 2003-11-24
I'm going to name a website and you're going to tell me if it's cool or stupid...got it? GOOD!
Journal Sites 2006-05-25
Which journal site is better?
eBay Survey 2006-08-17
eBay, one of the most popular shopping sites on the net. What do you think about it?
Which Brower Do You Use? 2006-09-04
Which Brower Do You Use
browser tabs 2006-11-30
What do you think of browser tabs ? Are you using these or not ?
Which name should I choose? 2007-07-24
I just got accepted to become a Suicide Girl and I can't decide what name to use. My boyfriend ca...
Pay to apply for a job 2007-11-17
Going into the paperless age
لا لإغلاق الجروبات الأردنية على الفيس بوك 2008-02-08
لا لإغلاق الجروبات الأردنية على الفيس بوك
Webkinz 2008-05-22
Ninja Poll 148: Why don't you make polls? 2008-09-04
I see many profile pages saying: Date joined: Ages ago, Polls made: 0, Messages:1000. Why don'...
Cyber Bully Research 2008-11-15
This is a little survey about Cyber Bullying (bullying via electronic means eg cell phones, email...
Facebook-befriending ppl based on profile viewability 2010-01-14
Facebook-befriending ppl based on profile viewability
#KeepUAB Region Match 1 2012-03-22
#KeepUAB Region Match 1
Which is BETTER? 2012-04-16
Which social networking site is better?
Do you click on Google Ads? 2012-07-19
Do you click on Google Ads?
Derpcave UHC 2013-12-06
To determine the best day for members of the derpcave minecraft server to have a uhc map.
Web Grammar 2003-01-31
Please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.
MSN Chat shutdown 2003-10-02
This poll was created to gauge the reaction from people after MSN decided to shutdown its chat se...
What do you buy on Ebay 2003-10-02
What kinds of things do you buy on Ebay; If you don't use Ebay, what kinds of items would you buy...
Location of misterpoll members 2003-12-12
This poll is to determine geographical location of misterpoll members
Internet use 2004-02-13
Thank you for filling out this questionaire on the way you use the internet.
My First Internet Story 2004-10-26
I'm writing a book about the internet between 1993 and 2003. I'm interested in how and when peopl...
Your Favorite Search Engines 2005-02-24
There are many search engines and multiplesearch engines. In addition to the favorites, are ther...