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Fav. internet site 2006-03-20
My poll is about your fav. internet site.
What's your favorite search engine? 2006-03-25
About: Search engines
Web passwords 2006-03-31
How secure are your Web passwords?
Music or Not 2006-08-10
Does auto play music on blogs bug the hell out of you
Newgrounds Poll 2007-11-13
A poll about Newgrounds
Online Virtual Pet 2008-06-27
Online Virtual Pet
Social Networking 2008-09-10
so what about it - fad or not? tired of it yet?
Wwrestling Challenge to Women 2009-02-13 (closed)
Wwrestling Challenge to Women
shopping online 2009-08-31
Would you rather shop in the supermarket and wait on line to pay or would you relax at home and d...
Internet Piracy 2010-11-07
Internet Piracy
Is Mister Poll out of order? 2014-03-11
From your personal experience: Is Mr Poll out of order? Which of the following features do sti...
Who Spends More Time Online, Males OR Females? 2002-02-14
What gender do you believe spends more time surfing the web, males or females? Let's find out!
What website would you like??? 2007-02-24
Hey, come one, throw up your opinion and tell us what type of websites do you like the most and w...
Tell me about YOU 2007-07-20
I'm interested to know who enjoys misterpoll.
dA Deviant Art 2007-09-15
What do you think of dA, is it worthwhile for serious artists and are the policies any good?
Do you get proud when someone votes on your poll 2008-03-16
Some people seem to feel proud when alot of people vote on there polls
Yahoo Answers Poll 2008-07-01
Yahoo Answers Poll
fav webkinz pet 2008-07-08
fav webkinz pet
Do you love me? 2009-07-21
Are you playing your love games with me?
New Lingerie Blog 2010-06-07 (closed)
This poll has been created for my Fashion and Lifestyle Masters Final Project, to find out what y...
Which gacha should I play? 2010-07-17
I just got five dollars again. I want to play gacha. I want decent gc items to trade off. But I a...
The poll 2010-10-16
The poll
Who is your favorite Manny and Carl character? 2011-01-15
Poll to find out who people like most on the web series "The Manny and Carl Show."
Do you have a Mister Poll subscription? 2011-06-30
Do you have a Mister Poll subscription?
Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt 2011-10-13
questions about them.