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Norton Anti Virus VS AVG 2006-12-18
What is the best anti virus? Norton or AVG?
Blackninja133 Poll#89: Vidoes Of You 2008-05-13
Hi there, ninja students! We will venture into another poll.
Have you ever had online stalkers? 2008-09-11
Have you ever had online stalkers?
Best Communitation Website 2009-04-18 (closed)
Best Communitation Website
Who is the Most Vicious Hacker of All Times 2010-02-10 (closed)
Who do you think is the most Vicious and Talented Hacker of all times - CNet
what do u look like when u first wake up in the morning? 2001-03-18
What do YOU look like when you wake up?>?>?>?>?
Bored 2001-09-21
Internet can be pretty boring some times, in most cases it is!!!! It's people like you that go on...
Email and search engines 2002-03-08
Please help other see what kind of web you use
Easter Poll 2004-04-18
What is your favorite thing about Easter?
Hello 2004-12-06
hello take this poll
How Ethnicly Diverse is Misterpoll? 2006-09-08
Basicly, state or country where you live. I wanna see how far the range of people who are here is...
Web browsers 2007-01-20
This is just to see the usage shares of the various browsers.
Poll Taker Demographics 2008-02-06
Just curious about the demographics of the people who frequent this site.
new runescape debate 2008-12-04
new runescape debate
toystory vs finding nemo 2009-03-22
toystory vs finding nemo
poll example 2010-07-05
an example of a poll
Your Addiction 2011-04-29
A poll with diffrent social networking sites such as Facebook, Tumbler, Myspace, Twitter ect.
How much do you download? 2012-02-13
How much do you download in a month.
Pop-up Ads 2002-06-18
I think pop-up ads really suck. How about you?
~~ What Color do you like? ~~ 2003-04-24
Just vote! =)
What's your Favorite Search Engine 2003-07-16
Zea is holding this poll, to determine the search engine that will take the spot at the top of ea...
The web 2003-08-18
I would like to know some you opinion and more about the net
Web Browser Poll 2005-05-09
What Web Browser do you use?
Fav. internet site 2006-03-20
My poll is about your fav. internet site.
What's your favorite search engine? 2006-03-25
About: Search engines