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Do you have a myspace? 2007-06-04
Do you have a profile at MySpace?
Is Myspace over rated? 2007-07-28
does myspace get too much attention?
Do you like this polling service from misterpoll? 2007-10-27
Finding a desirable poll for wordpress.com blogs is nothing short of a mission. We can use pollin...
virtual worlds poll 2008-01-31
virtual worlds poll
Cheating on Mister Poll 2009-01-19 (closed)
Hi, I made a phony poll, and am now wondering if that is bad.
How many email adderss do you have? 2009-04-09
How many email adderss do you have?
Randomness#1 2009-08-03
Random stuff.
The Biggest Losers... 2010-01-17
Which of the following internet user groups contains the most time-wasting, ignorant, no-life-ies...
Which one you like best? (Droid X. vs Blackberry vs. iPhone 4) 2010-07-18 (closed)
Which one you like best? (Droid X. vs Blackberry vs. iPhone 4)
How often do you use MisterPoll 2011-11-03
How often do you use MisterPoll
Favorite website 2012-01-16
Favorite website
Which Websites... 2014-08-13
Poll about websites and this thing called the internet!
What is your Favorite search engine? 2001-11-27
Do you Yahoo? Well whatever search engine you prefer! VOTE for it!
Internet Users 2005-09-26
This is survey for people that use the internet.
Fanfiction 2007-05-10
I've seen one or two good polls about fanfiction one here. So, I figured I'd try my hand at one.
MMORPG 2 2007-11-27
still lookin
Content-Free Friday #215: Instant Messaging 2008-05-24
Answers to fill-in-the-blank questions posted at <a href="http://www.touchytranny.com/200...
Are there trolls on Misterpoll? 2008-08-30
I don't mean the kind of monstrous trolls you get on Lord of the Rings and other fantasy novels, ...
What is your favourite MMO? 2008-09-29
What is your favourite MMO?
what website do YOU prefer? 2008-10-09 (closed)
1.myspace 2.bebo 3.facebook 4.none of the above
PSP Or iPod Nano 5G 2009-09-15
Hey guys just wondering if i sould get a psp probably 3000 or slim OR iPod Nano 5g!
Does anybody use misterpoll anymore? 2009-09-15
Just wondering if people actually use this thing.
Luminshare Survey 2010-03-26
We introduce Luminshare, a collaborative web-based service, that fosters learning in the true spi...
Becoming Twilight November Awards 2010-11-11 (closed)
Do NOT vote for yourself. You can only vote once.