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Popular polls 2004-06-16
Misterpoll users who have been around for a couple of months might remember that a click on a pol...
Are you aware that all these polls are meaningless? 2006-06-06
For various reasons, the results of these polls are totally bogus and mean nothing. For example,...
The Average Voter (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-09
This poll is for you guys. :)
Can i has Cheezburger? 2008-05-13
Can iz has a Cheezburger
The Better Email 2008-06-02
made this poll for fun....i get bored easily.....
Who is the coolest isketch user? 2009-12-11
Who is the coolest isketch user?
Best Major Internet Sites 2010-06-16
Best Major Internet Sites
How obsessed with mister poll are you? 2008-02-06 (closed)
webkinz survey 2008-03-31
webkinz survey
Ninja Poll 150: The Last Question 2008-09-09
Ninja Poll 150: The Last Question
The Telecom Giants of Pakistan face a dilemma 2009-09-27
to either opt for New Product Development or launch 3G to design ‘Intelligent Telecom Products...
Bungee Jumping 2010-10-09
Bungee Jumping
what do you like to do on the internet 2013-03-28 (closed)
what do you like to do on the internet
Death Battle Ideas 2 2016-11-17
So last August, I made a poll called Death Battle Ideas where ScrewAttack fans could vote on who ...
The General Survey 2001-11-19
Hi misterpoll.com user! In this poll, I want you to give information about yourself in order to g...
Random 2006-08-17
Take some random polls
Who is More Popular On Isketch? 2008-05-24 (closed)
Who is More Popular On Isketch?
Should I be a Youtube Partner? 2009-02-04 (closed)
Vote to convince youtube that you all enjoy my videos and want me to do more with the partnership...
Which blogging site should I use? 2009-07-13
Which Blogging site should I use? Tumblr looks cooler and has a few features like audio blogging...
A magical poll 2010-03-03
for CyberMagic Role players
Google or Bing 2013-02-25
Which do you think is better Google or bing.
INTERNET METAPHORS: What are they and why we use them??? 2003-12-08
The nature of the World Wide Web is unfamiliar to most people. In order to make sense of this for...
AIM poll 2004-06-08
just a poll about AIM and how u use it
What search engine do you use? 2006-03-21
Finding out what search engines people prefer.
The Internet and Inappropriate Content 2006-08-03
This poll helps to verify people's interests in pornography