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Do you Surf? 2002-02-20
Seriously...Are you supposed to be working right now?
Popup Ads: A pain in the *beep* or...a...very good thing...? 2002-02-18
Are you driven crazy by popup ads? Well?
Mp3 downloading service 2002-02-14
i think it's kind of self-explanatory
Who Spends More Time Online, Males OR Females? 2002-02-14
What gender do you believe spends more time surfing the web, males or females? Let's find out!
The Pop-Up Ad 2002-01-25
Good or evil? Most companies on the web seem to find them good. But let's find out what the com...
Working hard II 2002-01-22
Things people do other then work
AOL why does it suck 2002-01-14
this my 5th poll its about AOL and why it sucks
Are search engines unorganized? 2002-01-14
I've noticed search engines have no particular order to their results.
Battle Of the Boards 2001-12-31
Neopets chat boards, whos better and why! made by:pkmneditor
Forced To Vote 2001-12-31
Should anime sites force you to vote before you can enter?
Xwinuser's Linux Poll 2001-12-22
Speak your mind!
The Idiot Brothers 2001-12-19
A poll that relates to the Idiot Brother website
Newsgroups 2001-12-19
This poll is to try to find what Usenet is...and what it is not.
search websites 2001-12-18
this is a 1 way question. its a compatition between 2 sites :)
internet usage 2001-12-13
hey everyone i am doing a research report on internet usage and was wondering if anyone could hel...
The Polls on this site 2001-12-12
This is a very simple poll on... polls.
Instant messenger programs 2001-12-12
Which instant messenger program is your favorite?
SPAM 2001-12-06
We all get a mailbox full of it every day. Some with misleading subjects like "I missed you ...
NeoSurvey 2001-12-03
Hi! Please complete my survey by answering the following questions about Neopets!
Neopets Poll 2001-12-03
Ehrm...hmmm. This poll is all about neopets.
Neopets Poll 2001-12-03
This poll is all about neopets
What is your Favorite search engine? 2001-11-27
Do you Yahoo? Well whatever search engine you prefer! VOTE for it!
Types of Websites 2001-11-21
What kinds of websites do you usually visit?
The General Survey 2001-11-19
Hi misterpoll.com user! In this poll, I want you to give information about yourself in order to g...
Misterpoll's "reviewed" directory 2001-11-09
The old directory was HUGE and unruly, but the new directory might not contain polls that may be ...