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Searching Rite 2004-09-21
We want to know what you think of search engines on the web.
What do you do on the internet? 2004-09-17
See What People Like to do while on the net!
Internet 2004-08-30
The Internet is used in a lot of ways. How about you?
eTruckn Poll 2004-07-07
Share a little Information with the eTruckn community!
Travelling 2004-07-07
Do you like travelling?
Be honest, has anyone ever made any money on e-bay? 2004-07-06
The truth about E-bay auctions and Earning money
GMail 2004-07-06
Questions about GMail, for anyone who has an account. Note; this poll isn't official, and is not ...
Countries 2004-07-02
Hi i just wanna find out which nationalities use this website the most. Oh yeah and im English cu...
Popular polls 2004-06-16
Misterpoll users who have been around for a couple of months might remember that a click on a pol...
AIM poll 2004-06-08
just a poll about AIM and how u use it
Club 8 League Polls 2004-06-07
Getting feedback
What Email Do You Use? 2004-05-28
A Fun Poll to see what email everyone uses/likes
Internet 2004-05-19
Enjoy this poll about one of the best things since computers were invented.
Feel Safe Using eBay? 2004-04-30
A Brief Survey about how users feel about the security of eBay.
What do you think makes a website inportant? 2004-04-30
What do you think makes a website important? 1) the facts 2) the format, spelling, and grammer...
B3 Final Program 2004-04-24
Pick when and what you'd like to do for the end of the year
Are You A Google Maniac? 2004-04-22
Google has become one of, if not the largest search engines on the net. Millions of people use it...
Easter Poll 2004-04-18
What is your favorite thing about Easter?
Gamefaqs 2004-03-24
using message boards 2004-03-24
do you post on message boards? I do. I am wondering what peoples message board posting habits are.
[Usenet] News Servers 2004-03-08
What do people look for in a news server and how much are they paying for it? There are 9 questio...
Internet browsing- Waste of time? 2004-02-17
It is a simple poll on Internet browsing.
Digital Photography 2004-02-14
In present time we have the choice of photo cameras we can use.
Internet use 2004-02-13
Thank you for filling out this questionaire on the way you use the internet.
Mike's Poll 2004-01-28
Umm...its about stuff.