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Wikipedia 2007-02-05
Just a poll about Wikipedia.
Best Form of the "Exdee" Emoticon 2007-01-23
There are several ways to capitalize the emoticon informally known as exdee.
Web browsers 2007-01-20
This is just to see the usage shares of the various browsers.
Search engines 2007-01-20
This poll is to see which search engines people use on the internet. This only general search eng...
Best Website 2007-01-18
Pick da 1 that u like da most!
How many 2007-01-09
How many members does Mister Vote have
Myspace.. 2006-12-28
This asks questions about myspace..please be honest..
runescape 2006-12-24
runescape ...umm...ya
Norton Anti Virus VS AVG 2006-12-18
What is the best anti virus? Norton or AVG?
Your favorite MMORPG 2006-12-11
What does the public besides me like in MMORPG games?
Biggest internet use 2006-12-05
this will help me gain an insite into what the internet is used for
A Poll about Polls on Misterpoll 2006-12-02
it's all in the title
browser tabs 2006-11-30
What do you think of browser tabs ? Are you using these or not ?
BOF (Batman-on-Film): Are your pro, or anit? 2006-11-19
Batman-on-Film.com is a website that is considered by many to be the ultimate Batman site, but in...
Neopets Quiz 2006-11-16
Everyone knows what Neopets is right? It's a site where you can take care of pets, earn neopoints...
Time 4 MySpace??? 2006-11-02
Do you have time for myspace? Speak your mind!!! See what my friends say too!
MySpace Poll 2006-10-27
This is a poll about MySpace.
eBay Express versus eBay Stores 2006-10-04
The battle of eBay Express versus eBay Stores is still raging. What will be the outcome?
Everything neopets! 2006-10-02
Do you like neopets? Are you addicted? Or did you just come here to make fun of neopets? Whatever...
Computer Location 2006-09-18
Where do you use your computer?
How Ethnicly Diverse is Misterpoll? 2006-09-08
Basicly, state or country where you live. I wanna see how far the range of people who are here is...
ultimate red vs. blue series poll 2006-09-08
the famous internet series based on halo and halo 2
Which Brower Do You Use? 2006-09-04
Which Brower Do You Use
Favorite Website 2006-09-03
Please tell me out of the list, which is your favorite web site.
Poll of the day: 2006-08-28
If Opera and other browsers weren't in the browser war,would Firefox have more than 50% of the ma...