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Website Name 2008-03-06
This is an online poll for people to vote on the name of the webiste that jeremy and hops will be...
internet cafe 2008-03-06
what you use internet cafe, and should they block website.
Video Poll 4: The most disturbing (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-04
Ok, last week it was Prank video, but now it's stuff that's actually quite disturbing in ways. No...
Spelling and Grammar Online 2008-03-04
When I was in middle school, i wuld talk lyk dis on AIM. As a I grew older, I started having mor...
How Often Do You Change Your Avatar? 2008-03-04 (closed)
I am interested to see how often people do this, and I will have a follow up question to see how ...
Video Poll III: Revenge of the videos (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-04
5 more videos, 5 more fun filled laughs. If you didn't do the first two polls on videos, you'll h...
Videos Poll #2 (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-04
Ok, so my last poll on videos was good, but THIS is freakin' sweet! 5 more videos, with three Qs ...
Would you like watch TV on the internet ? 2008-03-03 (closed)
Would you like watch TV on the internet ?
Messages on Misterpoll 2008-03-01
Just a thought on this subject
To Whom Do Your Base Belong? 2008-02-21
Blackninja133 Poll#19: Wikipedia 2008-02-15
Blackninja133 Poll#19: Wikipedia
Mister Poll Poll 2008-02-15
Mister Poll Poll
Peer-2-Peer 2008-02-12 (closed)
I am making a video on peer-2-peer applications.
Should Yahoo Sell to Microsoft? 2008-02-08 (closed)
Should Yahoo Sell to Microsoft?
WHO PAYS TO USE FACEBOOK? 2008-02-08 (closed)
Most of the stuff on Facebook is free. How many people actually pay to use the little fun things ...
internet polls 2008-02-08 (closed)
does internet polling have an effect on the outcome of elections or the opinion of canidates?
لا لإغلاق الجروبات الأردنية على الفيس بوك 2008-02-08
لا لإغلاق الجروبات الأردنية على الفيس بوك
#0\/\/ 1337 4/23 j00? 2008-02-08
/\ 7357 70 533 |-|0vv |_33+ 411 0/= j()|_| 123411j 4/23.
runescape is the BEST !!! 2008-02-06 (closed)
why do u like runescape ?? why its so special
How obsessed with mister poll are you? 2008-02-06 (closed)
Poll Taker Demographics 2008-02-06
Just curious about the demographics of the people who frequent this site.
Why are you taking polls? 2008-01-31 (closed)
This is poll asking why you are taking polls.
virtual worlds poll 2008-01-31
virtual worlds poll
Web Widgets 2008-01-31
The usefulness of Web Widgets
Preferred programs 2008-01-31
Email, browser, etc.